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Xmeeting.com Report

Is XMeeting Legit? I Have The Answer For You!

I’m typically all about trying new things, especially when it comes to dating online. If you’ve got the same attitude then chances are you’ll do the same. However, you must be careful when joining some hook up networks out there, one of those being XMeeting.

I personally went out of my way to test out these online dating services. Reason being, I wanted to determine whether or not this actually worked and was legit or if it was a total scam. If you’re interested in learning the truth, then I suggest you keep reading.

You might be wondering:

Can you really meet local women using xmeeting.com and will it help you get laid?

If you’re curious about this, then you’re not the only one. I can honestly say that this isn’t one of the best options out there. If you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ll find that on this page here.

Back to my review and investigation of xmeeting, I’m going to share everything I know about it so here goes nothing!

Xmeeting.com Report

Find Out If A XMeeting.com Login Will Get You Laid

Rather than beat around the bush, I’ll just come out and say that this site is a total waste of time. There are certain things that they do to scam users and I just don’t agree with the methods and marketing practices that they have in place. Here’s a quick overview of the things that they do which I’m completely against.

  • Deceiving Marketing
  • Fabricated User Profiles
  • Automated Programming Sends Messages
  • Employed Users
  • Expensive Upgrades
  • The Company

Marketing It As Free

When you land on the homepage of the website, the first thing that you notice is a big pink “FREE” banner by the registration form.

The thing is that there is nothing free about xmeeting.com. You literally cannot do anything on the site aside from register and browse when registered as a “free user.”

It gets worse:

There are fake profiles too!

Fabricated Profiles

Nothing makes my stomach churn more than finding out a dating network incorporates the use of fake profiles. If you look into the terms of the xmeeting site, you’ll find that they express and admin to the use of “fabricated profiles” in order to enhance your experience on the website.

Trust me when I say this, THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU so don’t bother communicating with them. There is a good chance this dating site contains fake photos, fake personal information, fake interests, and everything else that’s associated with fake profiles. Let me put it this way, if you’re looking to make a few fuck friends, then you’re going to have a hard time doing so here.

You cannot date fake users on XMeeting.com, so why waste a single minute using the website and becoming a member?

Auto Messages (Same Old Scam)

If you look into the terms, you’ll notice that they express the fact that automated messages may be sent to real users that join the site.

They claim that the reason they do this is to stimulate the communication and boost interaction but as far as I’m concerned that’s a complete lie. There’s nothing useful about communicating with a computer. It’s a waste of effort that will not get you laid.

Employers Hired To Chat

Here’s something else you need to know, the “real” users on this site might be contract workers and employees. They’ve likely been financially compensated to hang out on the site and communicate with users on the site. Sure, these people are just doing their job but it’s still something I do not agree with.

The most important fact:

They will not meet and bang you, ever.

Cost To Upgrade

If you want to do anything on this site, you’re going to have to upgrade and shell out some cash. Remember, you’ll be paying for automated messages, chatting with employees, and having access to fake photos.

What a classic case of online dating scamming at its finest. On top of that, you’ll be paying $29.95 a month, $59.95 for 3-months, or $99.95 for 6-months of “premium” status access. Waste of money to the nth degree.

Company Info

If you want to ask for a refund, then do yourself a favor and email support@xmeeting.com. Tell them you want your money back. Another option is to use the contact form on the site, which you’ll find by clicking here.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The bottom line is clear as can be. Xmeeting.com is not worth your time or money. Based on my personal research and joining the site myself, I’ve determined that the site simply fails to deliver the results I desire when it comes to using sites for finding sex partners. I’ll stick to the ones that I know work like a charm.

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