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XCheaters.com: A Horrible Dating Site That Cheating Lovers Should Avoid

Dating sites for cheating wives and husbands are a trend that has been growing the past few years and XCheaters.com is a site that hopes to capitalize on that. The only thing holding it back is real people.

I don’t know about you, but I think that the main criteria for a dating site should be that they must have real people. If there are real people on this site, I did not encounter any. I have experience with dating sites, so many of the messages I received were exactly the same.

In order to write an accurate and detailed review, I go far beyond where I would normally go on one of these sites. I would normally be out the door the moment I saw the first 2 or 3 red flags, but I powered through so I could give you details on my experience and prove that the site is not legit. I hope this review serves as a warning to stay away from XCheaters.com and other sites like it.

xcheaters reviews

XCheaters.com – My Complete Review

Sites like XCheaters.com make it so easy to spot that they are a fraud. There is a box that you must check on the main page before you sign in. Take a look at the paragraph below this box and you will see that they use the same tactics as many other sites do to fool you and take your money.

They state right there in plain sight that you will receive communications from computer generated virtual profiles. Putting this in the fine print that no one ever reads is their way of filling the site with fake profiles while letting you know that they are doing it.

They hope that you will bypass the fine print and join their site so they can charge you an expensive membership fee.

Are They Really Free?

XCheaters tells you they are 100% free, but they fail to mention, it’s only free to sign up and create a profile. When you try to answer some of the many fake messages you receive, you are prompted to pay $29.95 for the first month.

This is a recurring charge every month that you incur until you cancel. You should always read the terms and conditions on every site before joining, but you should be especially cautious if a site claims to be free because they usually are not.

Check out my personal experience on the site below and you will see exactly how I determined that it is a dishonest site.

My Experience In Network

I signed up for XCheaters.com and I was not very optimistic from the beginning. Reason being, there are just too many bad dating sites. This one seemed to have all of the characteristics of a dishonest site.

In fact, they generate fake profiles and admit it in their fine print. I proceeded anyway and just ran into more red flags. I did not fill out my profile yet and I had not even uploaded a picture.

Suddenly, stunning women that looked like models started liking my page. That’s when I started receiving messages from equally gorgeous women. I could see a portion of the message and all of them were extremely flirty. Some of them were even asking if I wanted to have sex.

Once I paid for a membership, these women were gone. I kept messaging hot women for a full month and all I got was hassling, ignoring or more fake messages. What a waste of time this site was. Here’s a snapshot of the terms where they mention virtual profile use.

virtual profiles

Features (Yes, Live Cams)

XCheaters.com works like a social media site like many other dating sites out there. You can add users to your “like” page and you can see who added you. The search is the basic search you would see on most dating sites.

There is a section with live cams, but it is an additional pay service. The site seems to be almost 100% automated. The software that they use is designed to snag you and get you paying your monthly membership costs without having humans involved.

Verdict: XCheaters.com Is Nothing But A Waste Of Time

Dating sites like XCheaters.com rely on you being naïve and not reading their fine print. If you think this is going to be a great onlinebootycall experience then you’re shit out of luck! They rely on people who are not familiar with bogus dating sites and their tactics.

You cannot trust these sites because they are completely fake. I recommend you continue your search for a decent dating site because XCheaters.com is certainly not one of them. Actually, fuck all that searching.

You literally just need to visit Fling.com if you want to find someone to have an affair with. Simple as that really!


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