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ULust Dating App Review

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t even have to say it. You want to know if ULust will get you laid or are they out to simply get paid? I was too and that’s why I went ahead and joined. ULust.com is a site that claims to be a place for horny singles to enjoy no strings attached online dating. That’s what they say to draw you in, but that’s not what they are really all about. The dating platform is just a front created solely to take your money. If you happen to hook up with someone on this site, it would be an accident. The majority of the profiles and almost all the girls I supposedly met on the site turned out to be fake. Check out my review below and I’ll tell you why you can’t trust ULust.com.

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ulust app review

Getting My Ulust Member Login And Why It Sucked

The first thing you should do before you log in to ULust.com is read their terms of service. It’s a little thing that is often overlooked and that’s what scam sites count on. They hide damaging information about themselves in plain sight hoping that you will pass it right by as you sign in.

You can click on the terms of service and view them before you ever even type any information into the site. Trust me, take time to read them and you will find out that they use a term called Fantasy Cuties to describe the large population of fake profiles and semi-automated messages that they use to fool you into paying for the site.

They claim to be free like every other bogus dating site does and just like those other sites, you have to pay to use it. The only thing you are allowed to do for free is to create your own profile and browse the site.

You can receive messages but you are not allowed to respond unless you purchase a subscription. Once you pay for it, you just get more runaround trying to get to the next pay cycle. It’s non-stop scamming with little attention paid to actually getting you a date.

Typical Shady Messaging

No matter who you are, you will receive a rush of messages when you first sign in to the site and they will all be from a bunch of hot girls. These are the messages that are meant to prompt you to pay for a membership in order to respond to them.

Responses to these messages are usually ignored. Each response seems to be automated and you never have a real conversation. I thought I might have been talking to a real girl at one time, but the messages suddenly turned automated.

I suspect it was an employee trying to make the messages more authentic. Basically, every message I sent was either ignored or answered with an automated response. This site never gave me a reason to trust it the entire time I used it.

Call Attempts With Members

I had one girl to offer me her number, but it happened too quickly into the conversation to be real and seemed like it was some phone sex thing.

I honestly wouldn’t dial a number that I got from ULust.com because there are too many things on the site that don’t seem legit. It’s fairly easy to recognize whether or not you are messaging with a real girl who is interested.

Cost To Join

If you are looking to try out the site, the lowest that you will pay up front is $32.46 a month for a Gold membership and $35.70 a month for their Platinum membership.

If you want to take a bigger leap and save some money, you can pay $47.97 for a 3 month Gold membership and $54.90 for a 3-month platinum membership. I personally wouldn’t recommend spending a nickel on this site.

First Date Chances?

ULust.com is just not set up to allow you to meet anyone. It’s set up to take your money and that’s it. Everything else is “for show” just to convince you to pay for a membership upgrade.

They obviously worked hard to put together this massive group of beautiful fake profiles, but it pays off for them every time someone pays that membership price.

I truly can’t stand dating sites that load their member’s areas with dating profiles. I refuse to pay for dating sites that offer garbage like that.

What you need to do is steer clear of sites that do that type of stuff and stick with sex dating sites like this one here.

Conclusion: Screw ULust And Every Other Plymouth Associates Ltd Owned Dating Site

ULust.com is part of a large section of the dating site community that scams you rather than finds you a date. They prey on men who don’t bother to read their terms of service and don’t recognize their scamming practice.

Don’t let yourself get pulled into a scam like this. Let this review be a warning to you. There are a few good dating sites out there and this is certainly not one of them. Don’t let them take your money like they’ve done with so many guys before you.

What Works Then?

If Ulust sucks and it won’t get me laid then which site should I use?

If you’re looking for a really good sex app to use just to get laid then I’d suggest checking out any of the sites that I’ve shared with you below. I can say that I’ve had great success using all those sites on multiple occasions.

I’ve probably gotten laid about 200 times in total using all sites listed below over the last couple of years. Give a couple a shot and let me know how it goes! Like I said, even though uLust just cannot help you seal the deal, that doesn’t mean that nothing out there works.

The first option listed is by far the best. I promise and will put my money where my mouth is too. Trust me, all the fling personals and profiles are definitely worth checking out!

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