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Tightbodz review

Tightbodz Review: Fitness Sex Network Worth Using!

Today’s review covers everything that I know about the fit dating site called Tightbodz. On the cover, this site looks like an ordinary dating website established for connecting fitness enthusiasts. But that’s not the case. THIS IS EVEN BETTER! Tight Bodz is for fit locals looking for casual sex partners. I’m big into working out and staying fit and I can say with confidence that this makes meeting horny locals at the gym much easier! I’ve reviewed the site from top to bottom, including digging deep to give you an insider’s look into the fitness sex network. Here’s what I know about this now…

Tightbodz review

Official Tightbodz.com Review Tells All

Per usual, I’ll cover the signup process. What I can say is that it’s a piece of cake – something you shouldn’t be eating if you’re trying to stay fit AF! But in all seriousness, this site is so damn easy to sign up for its unreal.

Signing Up Today

The steps are below and easy as it gets:

1. Select your gender
2. Select your age
3. Enter your zip code
4. Enter your email
5. Choose a password
6. Get laid

That’s it! You’ll be connecting with local fit-body babes and bros in no time. If you have any questions, then you can quickly connect with support and they can help you get things started. Speaking of which, I’ll cover what I like about the CS Team.

Customer Support Rocks

I’ve had to reach out for a couple of things here and there and within 30 seconds, things have been addressed and resolved. Customer support at TightBodz.com is stellar and it’s no surprise since they’ve been in the game this long.

No Shady Profiles

The one thing I really like about this network is that there are no fake profiles on the site. You can’t find a dating site with zero fake profiles today. It’s unheard of but here at Tightbodz, that’s what they do! They go out of their way to make sure no scumbag fakes exist here.

Tightbodz Sex

Strong Profile Team

Speaking of which I should mention that there’s a dedicated team that handles all things profile-related. You need to be prepared to verify your profile if you want to join. Sounds like a pain in the ass, but it’s what makes the network so damn good and why finding fit girls on Tightbodz is super easy.

Really Safe

The company behind Tight Bodz is all about safety and security. This is why they use the most up-to-date technology to ensure that your personal info is secure, along with your billing information and credit card.

Easy To Use

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this network is extremely easy to use. The company behind the site has launched dozens of dating sites and chances are you already know exactly how to use this website. This is a good thing, trust me!

If not, I can assure you, it’s super simple and a piece of cake to use. You’ll be spending your time chatting with tight-body babes versus understanding how to chat.

Free Registration

I love that this is free to register. Good apps are typically not free today. You can get into the MA and see what you get for nothing. The commitment needed here is 30 seconds of your time, nothing more.

Mobile App Works

The mobile app is great. It works like a charm and to be honest, I use this via my iPhone more than anything. You don’t even need a computer to use this.

Over A Decade Of Experience

The Global Personals Team has been in the game of connecting horny locals for sex for over a decade. Which means they know what it takes to make a network successful. You can guarantee that you’ll get that at TightBodz for sure.

How I Use The App

So, I should probably fill you in on how I use Tightbodz today. I’m a big gym guy, which is part of my strategy that I’ll share. I live in Miami, FL where there are TONS of gyms. I am super grateful for this because it really does help me connect in person.

I have memberships to a bunch of gyms in the local area and in my profile, I put the locations where I work out at i.e. Equinox, Elevation Fitness, Crunch, Orange Theory, Anatomy, and more in my profile.

This helps give local members an idea of where I spend my time so they know where to find me. Additionally, I use Tightbodz when I’m at these locations and I check who’s online and nearby. Then I message whoever is online at that time.

This helps me connect with fitness girls ten times better than anything I’ve ever used.

Contact Info

If you’re looking to contact the company to ask more questions, I’ve got you covered here. This support phone number and email are all you need to reach out to them:

Call: 1 (888) 617-2001
Email: support@tightbodz.com

Conclusion: Tightbodz Works Great!

The Tightbodz.com network works great and it’s a must-have for fitness fans looking to up their game in the gym. Connect with local fitness lovers and get some extra reps in with someone or schedule a cardio session in the bedroom with someone – if you know what I mean!

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