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TBLOP Review: What The Heck Is This?

What is TBLOP? That’s the question that everyone is asking these days. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a website that encompasses a lot of NSFW stuff. In addition to that, they cover some dating sites, some of which I’m extremely familiar with. Today I’m going to give you my personal thoughts on this site, what they try and capture, and why.

It will be short and quite brief but after reading this you should have a better understanding as to why this site exists and whether or not it’s going to be able to help you hook up.

TBLOP site

What Does TBLOP Stand For? (Full Review Below)

Okay, so no beating around the bush here. If you’re not comfortable with adult talk and sex-related terms then you best leave now. Things are about to get a bit spicy here.

TBLOP is an acronym for “The Big List Of Porn.” What most people don’t realize is that the site contains WAY more than just your typical adult video links. The site is a self-proclaimed best amongst the rest style site and it claims to weed out 98% of the crappy adult video, adult dating, and webcams out there that are just utterly pitiful. They sort, rank, and give their rundown in a condensed version of what they feel is the best 2% out there.

In fact, this is way more than just a long list of sites that exist on the internet which are adult-related. I’ll cover each section (as much as possible) and share my thoughts on each.

The first section that they have is the Porn Cam Sites section. Based on what I saw here, they had a lot of site options for consumers to choose from although I don’t necessarily agree with the rankings that they’ve put together. They’ve completed omitted FlingLive.com and they have Camsoda.com ranked in the 6th spot when I think it’s the best site out there. Out of the dozen listed, some are good, most are okay but only a couple of them are really incredible.

Moving down the list, they’ve got a huge section of porn tube sites which they’ve displayed. Perhaps the biggest list I’ve ever seen with 60+ tube sites being listed. Surprise, surprise, Pornhub is ranked number one on the list. There are quite a few sites on here that I didn’t even know existed. The most popular one by far is XVideos. If you keep scrolling you’ll eventually end up in a section where they showcase free niche porn tube sites covering things such as Asian, shemales, bondage, BDSM, and more. If you’re into the weird stuff, then that section might be for you. Rather than spend time just whacking off to these fetish clips, you’d be better off trying to connect with locals looking to spice things up. Perhaps you need a swingers network or some fetish dating in your life like Collarspace.com.

tblop dating site rankings

TBLOP also lists out dating sites in a small section on the site. I was a bit shocked that the section was so damn small, to be honest, and I don’t necessarily agree with the rankings that they’ve got here. They’ve decided to rank them in order agree with but that’s neither here nor there. The five dating sites they’ve ranked on TBLOP are 1) AFF 2) GetItOn 3) Fling 4) Alt.com and 5) WildMatch. Now, I’d personally say that Fling.com is WAY better than all of them and that the WildMatch.com network looks like a complete scam. That’s just my two cents on it all.

What else do they cover on The Big List Of Porn?

They’ve got lots of other things on this site like premium networks such as RK, MOFOS, TeamSkeet, and many others. They also showcase their favorite individual porn sites which they’ve got Tiny4K listed as number one. I’ve never used it and don’t intend on doing so, but the top ten are there if you’re looking for them.

You’ll find a ton of Reddit accounts and subreddit forums that they recommend checking out. I’m personally not a big Reddit fan so I can’t really weigh in on things in that respect.

Oh, this is quite fun, tblop.com has gone ahead and categorized the top 9 hidden Amazon categories which contain adult-related products. If you didn’t know, Amazon.com doesn’t make it easy to find adult products but they do sell a ton of them today. You’ll find sex toys for men and women, performance enhancers (such as pills for men and lubricants), sex furniture, bondage outfits, Cosplay, and erotic outfits, lubes/condoms, and a couple of other categories.

Well, that about sums up everything that you’ll find on Tblop, and should you have any questions about the site or what it entails, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. In fact, my advice would be to leave a comment or email me asking which site to join and use before doing so. That goes for whether you’re planning on using a casual dating site or some premium porn network. Regardless of your goals I promise, I’ve got you covered! Before you do any of that, my advice would be to check out my homepage where you’ll find not five but ten of the best sex dating sites of all time.  Feel free to do a comparison to those that the TBLOP website has ranked. You’ll find some similarities actually but I go into way more depth.

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