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Swipehookup.com Review

There are a handful of hookup sites online, but few of them are real and even fewer of them are free. That’s why I’m telling you everything I know about the Swipehookup.com site. Once again, Im sharing another review on one of these swipe style dating sites. Swipe Hookup is a casual sex dating site that claims to be both real and free, but it isn’t either of those things.

It’s a con and it’s a cheap and easily recognizable one at that. They claim 100% free dating on the first page, but I found out that this was not true. As a matter of fact, it’s a cheap and fake site template that I have seen on countless dishonest sites. Sites like Flyrts.com and SwipeBang.com are part of the same network and you can tell because they all look exactly the same. I investigated, so I could be sure and I was proven right every step of the way. Read my full review below for details.


Swipe Hookup.com Reviews From From A Dating Professional

The cheesy template has a collage of pictures with the text in front of it. You answer the same old questions such as your sex, what sex you are looking for, your date of birth, whether you enjoy oral sex, whether you’ve tried anal sex, and if you’re looking for a discreet encounter. These are questions with obvious answers, but they are only there as an exercise in futility and have nothing to do with the registration process. The real process doesn’t start until section number 8 where they ask you to pick a display name, enter a password, and your e-mail. You might be in a rush to get in at this point, but you must slow down and read the fine print on this particular page. That is where you will find the first piece of hard evidence that shows that this is not a legit site.

Before you finish registration, you must click a box and agree to something called Love Stars. If you click on this term, you are taken to their terms and conditions page where you will see the definition of Love Stars. Just like Online Cupids and Fantasy Cupids, this is a term to describe fictitious models. The site admits to creating fake profiles to stimulate dialogue and user participation. I hope you have enough experience with online dating to know that all these terms are bad news. They are definitely not being used on any legit sites. Even the free legit dating sites do not need to create fake profiles to try to fool you. They prefer to concentrate on maintaining an authentic dating experience versus fucking over the user. If a site admits to deceiving you like this, it means that there is an unlimited number of fake profiles on the site and you can’t trust any of the messages you receive because they are probably fake.

Here’s what the homepage looks like. If you come across this, then run like the wind!

swipehookup reviews

The next piece of evidence of being a complete fraud at Swipehookup.com comes before you even get all the way into the member area. You are asked to give your credit card info before you are granted access. They claim that they need it for age verification, but free sites don’t ask for your credit card. That’s not the worst part. Check out your address bar on this page. It shows that you are about to be redirected to a site called HardcoreSexDose.com. That’s still not the worst part. The worst part is in the small print that’s located on the right side of the page. This “print” informs you that you’re in the process of signing up for a two-day trial that will renew at $49.95 a month, a 2-day trial of mobile access for $1.95 that renews at $39.61, and a 3-week trial of VideoErotic.com and that one renews at $28.87 per month.

You end up being charged well over $100 and that’s not the end of it. You are not allowed to use most of the site features unless you purchase a membership. You can get a 3-day trial for $2.97, but you must be careful because it renews at $39.95. This is $10 more than the standard monthly charge of $29.95. You can save money and purchase 3 full months for $74.85 or purchase 6 months for $119.70. There is absolutely no incentive to join this site because they charge you a fortune and all they provide is mostly fake profiles.

The final verdict is quite simple to understand here. Do not think about joining Swipehookup.com. It’s not a good dating site and definitely not worth your money. There are plenty of people out there that are successfully dating and hooking up every single night. Focus on quality versus quantity and find a top dating app to join today if you haven’t already!

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