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SoChat Messaging: My Review Of This Messaging App For Finding A Date

I’ll get right to the punch line here. This app was created by a company called Sticks and Brains, Inc. They created SoChat so that people could connect with one another. It’s a chat, dating and hookup app that has features to make it almost like a game. Basically, they want to make dating more fun. Nothing like adding fun to the experience. The primary activity is based on messaging, so you can chat and possibly hook up with people in your area. Full disclosure, I love chat apps because they give you that instant gratification when it comes to Internet dating. There are a number of ways you can discover members. However, I suggest just keeping things simple and using the basic search. I’m not thrilled with the filtering options either. They definitely could be better.

Come to think of it, the interface can be a little confusing at times, but if you can figure it out, it can be effective. I did have some luck using it, but the operative word is “some.” I had much better luck with more top tier dating apps, but SoChat is not horrible. At least it’s free. Keep reading to learn more about the SoChat app and all it’s features.sochat dating app review

How To Get The SoChat And My Personal Review

You can download the SoChat app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. The first thing you are asked is if you want to allow push notifications. I ageed to this and you should too. You will then need enter your phone number. Nest, you will be sent a verification code via text that you’ll need to enter into the app to complete the verification process.

You can choose to sync the app with your contacts, search for users anywhere in the world or invite friends to join. Any of these options will reward you with points that you can use within the app. If you’re cool with being open socially about dating, it connects with your Facebook profile. The app automatically imports your Facebook name and a dozen of your most recent profile pictures. Each action that you make in the app including messaging gives you more points to use as well.

App Stats

SoChat is still a fairly new app, so there are no statistics out there that say exactly how many users it has, but the number of users has been reported to be growing by 40% each month. There are not that many ratings recorded, but the ratings are mostly positive so far.


The SoChat app is free to download and free to use. It is still a young app, so it has not developed paid features, but it sure to have some in the future. It’s a nice app to play around with because not that many apps are Bluetooth based and you don’t have that much to lose except for the time that you spend on it.

Main Features

This app uses Bluetooth technology to connect you with other users in your area. It’s pretty effective at finding compatible people that are close to you without having to use WiFi or a cell phone signal. You must have your Bluetooth enabled in order to take advantage of this.

The messaging system has a lot of features and the group chat is pretty impressive. It would be more impressive if there were more users, but at least their database is growing.

It being a new app also means that there are some bugs that still need to be worked out because it has a tendency to crash. For an incubator type dating app, it’s pretty stable and the features aren’t that bad.

Personal Experience

I found that, while the messaging options were pretty impressive, I did not have a whole lot of luck. Reason being, there are many things that basic online dating apps have that this app does not.

It took me a while, but I did eventually get lucky once with a cute girl 15 miles away. She got flirty right away, so I thought she was fake at first.

Once I finally realized that she was real, we had some very interesting chats before finally meeting up. She was just as hot and flirty in person as she was on message. I’m not going to get into things but suffice to say that I did get lucky.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck with the app since. I actually gave up using this because it just wasn’t as good as others. Not that it didn’t work. I just have very high demands.

App Support & Security

If you have problems with other users, you can easily block them by opening their profile and tapping on the options tab in the top right corner. This is where you can select to block them or remove them from contacts.

For any other problems, go to “Contact Support” and type your problem to send it to customer support. I didn’t really have any issues or any need to use support so I can’t provide more feedback. If I could I would do so.

Conclusion: SoChat App Is Okay But Doesn’t Crack Top 10

SoChat definitely has a lot of potential to grow into something great, but it is not quite there yet. Get the official app of Fling.com instead because is a much more established, so you are much more likely to hook up. Plus the members within that network are all about sex and that’s about it. That’s not to say that you won’t have success on SoChat.

The app does have potential, but it needs development work and a larger user base before it reaches its full potential. Feel free to try it because it’s free. If you want to skip all that nonsense, then join the app I just mentioned in the beginning of the paragraph. That’ll get you laid for sure.

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