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SnapMingles Review: No People To Mingle With, Just Shady Redirects

Conclusion: Snapmingles.com is a scam. The kind that will cost you time and money with little to no ROI. There is no one to hook up with on this site. Do not waste your time trying to join. Instead, you’re far better off using a site that can deliver real people looking for real sex partners.

I’ve seen a lot of scams over the years and most of them are directly related to Snapchat copycat-style sites and marketing landing pages (the SnapSext website is a pioneer, not a copycat). Every time I come across these new sites, I do what I can to expose them as well as praise those that are super effective. Today, I’m here to tell you about Snapmingles and why it just does not work at all. This full investigation explains the ins and outs of the site and why it’s just not going to help you hook up.

I ended up coming across this site doing some random searches for hookup sites and after decoding the smoke and mirrors, I quickly realized it was nothing but a complete sham. I don’t know where to start with this because there are so many scams attached to the Ssnapmingles site that it’s unreal. However, I’ll do my best to share what I can without wasting too much of your precious time.

SnapMingles.com Review

Snapmingles Review Reveals The Truth

Okay, so here’s what you need to know about this Snapmingles.com website. There’s quite a bit I need to cover here and I’ll do it quickly, just keep reading…

The first thing that I want to say is that there’s no difference between using this site and using the shady escort sites that exist today. Both of those things will not get you anywhere at all. The Snapmingles site most certainly won’t get you anywhere because it’s got nothing to offer.

There’s something super confusing about this site too. They have marketing pages that cater to gay men but most of the landing pages are for them to attempt to connect you with a straight woman that doesn’t exist.

How It Works…

Here’s exactly how Snapmingles.com works and what they’re doing to scam you out of cash at all angles.

If you search around the Internet you’ll likely eventually end up on one of the landing pages that this site’s created.

The most common page is one that looks like the screenshot above and the one below. As you can see they are using the Tinder brand to try and rope you into taking action.

The landing page reads as, “Better than Tinder” and based on what I know they cannot incorporate another brand into their marketing material that’s trademarked.

Now, they show that hundreds of women are within a few miles of you and that they are only looking for a simple casual sex relationship. They also state that you’re a lucky guy in the sense that you can register for free and that it’s only open for free registration for a couple of seconds.

Seems legit? Yea right!

The Questions

Now, you’ll end up coming across the “Are you 24?” question and that’s just the beginning of them. You’ll eventually fall into a rabbit hole of fake questions that mean absolutely nothing whatsoever. That’s just the beginning too.

They will hit you with a multi-step process here and I’ve provided the questions below which they showcase to you.

snapmingles Q1 snapmingles Q2 snapmingles Q3 snapmingles Q4 snapmingles Q5 snapmingles Q5 snapmingles Q6

As I said, all the questions are posted below and none of them mean anything. Eventually, you’ll see that they present as if there are 53 women available for you to hook up with now and only 3 spots available.

myfreecams redirect

I clicked the agree button and was immediately redirected to a cam site called MyFreeCams.com. I then tried to click the back button and was presented with another shady offer. At no point was I ever able to register for a casual dating site. At least, none that offers the opportunity to connect with real members, period.

freecamsexposed redirect

I was sent to freecamsexposed.com, again, not a real dating site.

Conclusion: SnapMingles Is A Marketing Scam

The bottom line is quite simple. You will not connect with anyone looking to hook up locally on SnapMingles. If you think you will, then you’re out of your mind. This site has been built with the objective of connecting you with some shady site to squeeze money out of you, that’s it, really. I guess if you’re looking for a real dating site that works, then you’re out of luck if you’re using this site. However, I’ve got lots of good sites which I’ve listed out right here on this page that you might be interested in.

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