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Skout Review: Meet And Chat With A New Sex Friend Or Not A Chance?

Everyone knows about the Skout app right? It’s not anything new and it’s quite popular. I’ve been using this dating app for quite some time and I think it’s now time for me to share my thoughts on their dating services. Skout claims to be the largest app for meeting new people. It’s one of the many dating apps to hit the market and become available over the last few years. It’s arrived just in time for the social media and smartphone boom era.

The fact that it’s still alive in such a flooded market says a lot about the hookup app. The app officially launched back in 2007 and it has gained some popularity, but I’m not sure if it’s quite as popular as they claim.

I did have some success with the app, but there have been some other dating apps that garnered better results. It’s hard to criticize an app that got me laid, but I definitely had better and more consistent results with apps on my top list. The success I had on Skout seemed like a bit of a fluke and I had a hard time following up on subsequent attempts to get laid. I encourage you to read my full review below for more details about the infamous Skout app.

Skout App Review

I Used The Skout App And This Is What I Learned…

Here’s is a quick and succinct rundown of everything that I came across after obtaining my Skout login.

Sign Up

I gotta say, the Skout sign-up process was pretty damn easy. These apps are making it easier and easier to sign up. Go to Google Play or the Apple app store to get the app for free and download it on your phone. You have a few options to sign up once you open the app. The first option is to take the typical or standard route and sign up using your e-mail address.

You can then add your personal information and a picture to your profile. Another (easier) option of signing up with your Facebook or your Google+ profile, which automatically logs you in. When you sign up with Facebook, you get to choose what information and what picture you wish to show on your default profile. This means you don’t have to worry about all your personal info is visible to potential dates.

Membership Stats

Skout reportedly made 680 million connections in 2015 with 16 million journeys being taken through the apps “travel” feature. There is an average of 42,000 new users per day. There are users in 180 countries around the world and it can be used in 16 languages. It’s the most widely used apps on the planet from a statistics perspective but that doesn’t mean it’s the best.

The Cost To Join

Skout is actually free to sign up and chat with other users. The company does offer a few paid features that work on a point system. The good thing about points is that you can earn them just by using the app. If you want additional points, you can purchase them. The Skout points are relatively inexpensive too. Points are $4.99 for 500 and you can use them for stuff like seeing who has checked out your profile, who added you to their favorites or you can buy gifts for other users and send mass greetings. It’s a different approach versus a flat monthly fee.

Favorite Features

One of their best features is the “Shake to Chat” feature. This feature allows you to shake your phone and randomly connect with another person shaking their phone anywhere in the world so you can chat with them. It’s also great that the site has so many users. The drawbacks are that many of the users are anonymous because you are not required to upload a picture to use it. This is a big red flag that you need to be aware of. I typically prefer to only communicate with people that have pics on their dating profiles. When I don’t see any, it’s suspect to me. Also, some of the profiles are clearly fake. I found much fewer negative aspects like this on the Fling app, which is why it’s my favorite.

My Experience

I found the app to be useful in getting connections, but not the greatest at being able to follow through on a consistent basis. I actually used it for a couple of weeks before I had a connection that led to a hookup. Most of my connections were talking and flirting here and there because the search feature is not that accurate. I ended up talking to a few girls that were too far away for me to hook up with. I did happen to get one connection that I ended up hooking up with. She was pretty cute and we ended up meeting and going to a concert. We went back to my place after the concert and the sex was pretty great, but nothing that is going to happen again.

What to Do if You Have Problems

If you have problems with Skout; you can contact their support team by e-mail at support@skout.com. They have a frequently asked questions section which could take care of many problems that may arise. If your questions are not answered there, you can contact support. If you feel that you are being harassed or scammed by any other users; you can easily delete them or block them to keep them from making any further contact with you.

Conclusion: Skout Is Okay But Not Great. Good To Chat But Not To Sex Date.

Skout is definitely fun with the shake and chats feature and it’s a handy app to connect with people from around the world and flirt with them. When it comes to hooking up or casual sex, it’s a little difficult to make something happen. Apps like the ones show below work better for hooking up, but Skout is still pretty fun to use if you just want a good time chatting and meeting new people.

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