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About Me and My Site

This is my about page, where you’ll learn everything you need to know about me, dating, and my life experiences. Keep reading for the real good info and get to know me in a matter of minutes.

What Makes Me An Expert & Qualifies My Opinion On Casual Dating?

This is simple. The number of hookup partners and the sheer number of casual encounters that I’ve had, experienced, and in some cases, miraculously dodged a bullet! I’ve been stamped as an expert serial dater and casual hookups expert.

Due to the number of girls I’ve fucked, I’m not going to be relieving my full name (since I have a very unique middle name). I want to still be able to use these apps and hook up with girls, so revealing myself may prevent that from happening any further. You can just call me Ryan Malone. However, my real friends refer to me as Doctor Jimmy. Why? Well, because I’m on a mission to lay pipe. “Jimmy’s” gotta do work son!

My Qualifications

  • I’ve tested more than 1,000 apps and sites over the last 9 years
  • I have shared the details of events that I’ve either partaken in or have been a part of that are related to dating over the years.
  • The amount of money that I’ve spent using dating apps is in the thousands and on the path of being over $8,500.

To be more clear, here’s a rundown of my experience share and topics covered:

  • Adult Dating Facts
  • “Best Of” Articles On Various Topics
  • How To Cum More
  • 100+ General Dating Advice Articles
  • Must-Know Dating Definitions
  • Dozens Of Escort Site Teardowns & Experience Shares
  • 90+ Guides
  • Male Enhancement Tips/Tuturials Based On Real-Life Experiences
  • Dozens of Dating-Related News Articles
  • 100’s Dating App & Website Reviews
  • Lots Of Sex Tip Topics

Affiliations (Apps I’m A Member Of Still)

I’m an active member of many of the best sex apps out there today. Some of them can be found on the homepage, but those that I’ve really grown to love, trust, and appreciate my memberships with are:


If you’re looking for case studies that I’ve written, then my suggestion is to check out the guides section of my site. This is where I’ve published close to a hundred guides covering everything you could possibly imagine related to dating.

My Story (More Details)

I wanted to share some more details on my story and how I even got to this point. If you’re interested in learning why I created the site, then keep reading below.

No that’s not me, but that mini horse is badass and Big Rob taught me to work, work, work until I succeed. That’s why I’m so successful today in many aspects of life…Really though, the most important thing to know is who I am, why I’m qualified to rate these apps, and why I created this site in the first place.

Ryan Malone headshot photo

For starters, I’m an average guy named Ryan aka “Jimmy” with a decent job. I have your basic middle-class income and love spending time with friends or drinking at the bar when I’m not trying to hook up with girls. I explained earlier why I created this site but I haven’t explained why I’m qualified to rate these dating apps.

After spending the majority of the last few years downloading so many apps that I had to get another iPhone, it’s safe to say that I’ve used more sex apps than most people you know that use mobile dating sites and smartphone apps in general.

In fact, I’ve easily spent over $8,500 in the last 9 years (I started in 2014) just on memberships alone. Although I am conservative, I wasn’t overly concerned with the amount of money I was spending. I was more focused on finding the top apps to use to get laid.

I did all this after my girlfriend of five years decided to break up with me. Back then, most apps weren’t being used and I wasn’t going to let anyone else go through what I had to go through. Instead, I came across awesome hook-up apps like the Instabang mobile app and the Fling.com app. I also discovered some awesome free hookup sites like the ones here.

My Mission

Help horny people find and connect with one another safely today.

My Goal

Discover as many dating networks and casual sex communities and deliver my first-hand experiences to readers looking for answers or solutions to their casual dating connection problems.

Top 3 Things That I Value

  1. Healthy Hookup Experiences
  2. Open-Minded People
  3. Trustworthy Services

Last but not least, if you’re looking for things like my privacy policy, terms of service, and sitemap then see the very bottom of my site.

That’s all I’ve got for you. Good luck with dating and reach out to me for anything at all!

Contact Me

If you want to contact me, then I’m really easy to get ahold of. All you need to do is send me an email and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours. You’ll find my contact information on this page here but if you’re too lazy to visit that, just email me at admin@sexdatingapps.com and I’ll get back to you with a quick reply.

2 thoughts on “About Me and My Site”

  1. Thanks for this site! The great, detailed reviews are really helpful and I’ve learned a lot
    I found your site when I started researching why my (unpaid) profile on xsocial.com seems to be replicating itself on other sites I’ve never visited (flirt local.com, xmeeting.com, meetwives, com, etc). Deleting one just pops up more and they’re all identical. Have you heard of this? It’s crazy. I feel like the only way to make it stop is my deleting my email.

  2. Hi I really appreciate the time you put into researching what the best sex sites there are so people like me don’t have to waste our time and money. Before I start my journey using the apps you’ve recommended, i’d love to know your tips and advice on how to message women through the sites and seal the deals so to speak. I’d love to learn from an expert like yourself if there’s any possibility of that. Thanks again and I look forward to all the great experiences to come. Thanks.


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