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SendNudez.com Review: Can You Send Nudes And Bang? Find Out Now!

Let me tell you something, there are lots of apps and websites out there today that do nothing but cater to people looking to sex nudes. It’s a huge trend today across most social media platforms. In fact, the act of sending nude pics to people is so popular that a dating site was created around the exact act. For those curious, it’s called SendNudez.com and it’s the bomb!

Some people are probably reading this wondering just how popular sending nude selfies really is. Well, let me just go ahead and say that it’s become so popular that National Send A Nude Day is a real thing and that getting girls to send nude videos on Snapchat is about as normal as brushing your teeth. That’s how damn popular all of this snap pic stuff really is.

Don’t believe me that this is a real day? Here’s what people on social media were posting about it!

National holiday tweet

National Send A Nude Day meme

Guess what, I took it upon myself to test out the Send Nudez dating site and I must say that it works like a charm. I’ll give you the full rundown of my experience using this site and will let you know everything I learned. My results were quite positive and I can honestly say that this site gives a new meaning to sending dick pics!

SendNudez Site review

Join Sendnudes site

SendNudez Review and My Experience Sending Nude Photos To Locals

As you may know, I live in an area where most of the people are in shape and hot looking. I had been using Snapchat to send most of the nude pics that I send to local girls. Well, I use that as well as many casual sex apps that I currently am a member of. Anyway, enough about that stuff, back to my experience using the Send Nudes network.

Here is a couple of things that you need to know about this site:

  • Easy Registration
  • Real Local Girls
  • Low Technology Will Survive
  • Super Support Staff
  • Lots of Locals

Simple To Register

I’ll start with the signing up and the entire registration process. To be about as honest and straight forward as possible, the SendNudez.com website was a breeze to join. I was able to register in a matter of seven minutes by walking through the simple 6-step registration process.

All they ask are basic questions like your gender, who you’re looking to meet, location, age, email, password and you’re off to the races. In order to keep fraud down, then also require that people verify their email address through an email confirmation link. This is pretty standard and many appreciate the fact that they do this.

All Real Members

I can’t tell you how pissed off I get when I join a dating site and find out that it’s completely fake. The good thing is that SendNudez.com doesn’t incorporate any fakes into their profiles. All the girls on the site are completely real. Many sites add profiles which are totally fake and they do this just to make the member’s area look bigger. Not this site, the company does not believe in doing that. I’ve personally verified this because I’ve actually met and hooked up with someone on the site recently.

Even No-Tech People Can Do it

You don’t need to be super talented in the tech department to join and use this site. Many of the users barely know how to use their iPhone in general, let alone successfully message locals and line up dates via a dating app.

The creators of the this “send nudes” site did so while taking into consideration the fact that not everyone is tech savvy and that most aren’t. If you’re looking to meet some random girl online to send nude photos and show off in hopes of landing an NSA date, then this is where to do it. There will be zero tech barriers preventing you from being successful here, mark my words.

Customer Support Is On Point

I can’t speak highly enough about the customer support that Send Nudez has in place. They’ve probably got what most would consider an award-winning customer service team available to help 24/7. I had some login issues right after signing up and a quick chat with support fixed everything. It took about 3 minutes to resolve the issue.

So Many Locals Use This

When I joined the site, I didn’t expect so many locals to be using the site, but they were. It turns out that many of the users on SendNudez were the same users that had used other dating sites that I’ve joined and had success with in the past. This left a good taste in my mouth given that I had gotten laid on the others. I know for a fact that locals use this to send snap shots and naked selfies.

Cost To Join SendNudez.com

This site does cost money, but it’s worth spending money on a real dating site like this one. If you’re not spending money, then you’re not trying hard enough. One thing I learned over time was that the real dating sites that charge money and work are the ones that you want to join. For $34.95 you can be a member of this site and it’s almost effortless to bang here.

Conclusion: SendNudez.com Is A Great Site, Give It A Shot

There’s nothing bad that I can say about the SendNudez network. Having tried so many others out there, I know what sucks and what’s good enough to try. Full disclosure, I’ll say that the guys that run this are the same people that run Fling Network and the Instabang app so you know it’s top list worthy for sure. Give it a shot and let me know how you like it.

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