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SelfieBBW Review: Total Scam With Online Cupids

I’m a bit upset today as I write this dating site review. Today, I’m covering SelfieBBW and everything that it encompasses. The site is a fairly new dating network but it’s one that we’ll remember as being a fraud. The biggest problem with Selfiesbbws.com is that they use crazy spamming tactics to get you to register on the website.

This should not come as a shocker, but the website is owned and operated by the same company that runs many other fraudulent sites. I’m talking about sites such as Curvybbw.com, Affairalert.com, Milfaholic.com and many more. If you’re interested in learning more about this BBW site, then you’ll want to continue reading my review.

I’m laying it all out on the line today. Here’s what you need to know about things.

Selfie BBW

Selfie BBWs Site Review Reveals It All

Here’s what you need to know about the SelfieBBW site and everything that it encompasses. Warning, there’s a chance that you’ll be sck to your stomach after reading this review. I’m sorry but I tell it like it is and that’s all you need to know.

Here’s everything that I’m going to be covering in this review:

  • Agreeing To Terms
  • Fake Profiles
  • Auto Messages
  • Overpriced Memberships
  • Steps To Cancel

Terms You Must Agree On

If you plan on using the site or any other sites for that matter, then you’ve got to agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the company. There’s no way around it, you have to agree to these terms. They put them front and center when you visit the site. Sure, they hide them somewhat or attempt to distract you with the huge tits they put in your face, but that’s about it. When you register, you automatically have to agree to the terms and conditions presented on the site. This is where they get you.

Profiles Are Completely Fake

There is no way around it, the dating profiles on SelfieBBWs are about as fake as it gets. The company goes out of their way to showcase fake profiles. The fake profiles are presented to you as “Online Cuties” and they are used to get you to upgrade your membership accordingly. They showcase fake women that message you, try to communicate and do everything possible to squeeze money out of you aside from actually hook up.

These profiles are easily identified as “Online Cuties” through the use of the terms OC. Just look for the yellow stars on the side of the fake profiles and you’ll understand what I’m referring to. Keep your credit card in your pocket for now.

The Messaging Happens

If you’re interested in getting auto messages, then you’ll want to use this site. I can tell you right now that the messaging that you do with on this site is 100% fake. These are auto messages that people send to you on a daily, sometimes hourly basis at times. Many of the communications are not even with paid workers but with a “supercomputer” or server that they use.

Cost Is Crazy

If you’re stupid enough to pay for a membership on this site, you’ll end up paying a pretty penny for it. The site charges you a lot of money to use.

Here’s the current membership cost structure that you’ll need to get accustomed to if you buy a membership.

3 days – $8.91
1 month – $34.95
3 month – $83.97
6 month – $119.94

Cancel Today

If you want to cancel your membership, then I suggest you send the support team an email or call them immediately. You’ll be able to connect with them by calling 1-844-399-9749 or 1-619-900-1607. Additionally, you’ll be able to cancel your membership and account if you email support@fastdatingsupport.com.

Conclusion: SelfieBBWs.com Is Not Worth It

If you’re using this BBW dating site, then you’re an absolute fool. Please cancel your subscription and use a site that doesn’t incorporate the use of fake profiles and paid contract workers. You’ll literally be throwing money down the drain if you join this dating site.

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