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Sassy Seniors Review

Sassy Seniors Review: 15 Things I Learned About The Senior Dating Site

I’ve been researching a ton of sites, particularly senior dating sites because of some feedback I received from a worried man in his late 60s. In fact, he ask me what I knew about Sassy Seniors and to be honest, at the time I knew nothing. But now I can confidently say that I know everything there is to know about this website! I’d also like to add that it’s a pretty solid site among many scammy options in the niche. What I’m here to share with you today are the 15 things that I learned about SassySeniors.com and whether or not it’s a good site to use.

Sassy Seniors Review

15 Important Facts I Learned About Sassy Seniors Dating

Okay, so no point in stalling here. I’ll get right to the point and cut to the chase. You’re going to find out 15 facts about the Sassy Seniors dating website that I learned and why it might be a good choice for you.

Something to keep in mind when reading is that I’ve heard and seen it all when it comes to hookups and dating. Nothing gets past me. So if there is anything bad about this site, I’ll be able to uncover it!

Guess what…

I couldn’t find anything inherently wrong with this site and I dove deep, really deep!

Here are the things that I discovered and what you need to know about the company behind this and the dating site in general.

It’s For Seniors Looking To Hookup

If you’re into hookups with seniors or older men and women, then this is the network that brings it. You’ll find hot, aged members here looking to hook up. It’s filled with millions from Kelly.

There Are Millions Of Members

The number of people I found as active members is crazy here. They have a MASSIVE network filled with lots of members for those looking to connect. So many sites can’t get to this member count level.

Not A Single Fake Profile

You will not find any fake profiles on this site. They don’t load fake profiles into this site for entertainment and fluff like so many terrible dating sites. Sassy Seniors does not believe in doing this. Instead, they focus on providing members with a good experience and real members.

They Review Profiles

To curb the spammers and bad apples, they review profiles. Any new member gets reviewed by a real person in customer support. This is why they’re able to keep customers happy. Reviewing profiles is a good thing and they do it 24/7!

More Secure Site Than Most

This site is the most secure senior dating site on the Internet. Why? Because they use encryption by LetsEncrypt to ensure that all your information is safe and secure in the member’s area. This keeps customers safe and their info secure as can be.

The Support Team Is Stellar

At SassySeniors.com, the customer support is awesome. They literally have award-winning customer support and it’s known in the industry that they are awesome. Go ahead and reach out to them. I guarantee the service is great.

They Have Premium Memberships

You get the opportunity to buy premium upgrades in the MA that give you tons of options. These options ultimately lead to better experiences and more features on the site and app.

Sassy Seniors Homepage

It’s Created By Industry Experts

I think I’ve covered this enough, but the site was created by industry experts. These guys have created more dating sites than I can count on my hands and toes and they are super good at it. The experiences they create for members are unmatched.

The FAQ Section Tells All

You’ll find a great FAQ section on the website and in the member’s area. This is absolutely perfect and can help you answer questions almost immediately. Take a look at the list and see what I’m talking about. If you need to cancel, that info is listed there as well.

You Can Hookup With Older Women

There are plenty of older women on this site looking to hook up and have casual sex. If you’re smart you’ll use the Sassy Seniors app on your phone and connect with horny seniors all day long.

The Contact Info Is Easy To Find

Need to contact the team? No problem, they make it so damn easy it’s unreal. Here’s the information needed to connect with them.

Phone: 1-888-617-2001
Email: support@sassyseniors.com

They Share Testimonials

I love the fact that Sassy Seniors shares testimonials when they typically do not showcase these on any dating sites today. You’ll find feedback from members on the homepage before you even join.

The Search Function Is Awesome

This is where the company really shines. I love the search function at SassySeniors.com. It’s better than any other search function out there. I can 100% guarantee that you will not find a better search anywhere – period!

Billing Is Super Discreet

If you’re worried about your credit card statement showing something that you don’t want to be seen you can stop worrying. The billing is insanely discreet here.

Conclusion: Sassy Seniors Is Worth Joining!

If you’re looking to connect with senior citizens looking to have casual dating relationships or intimate hookups, this is the way to go. I’m not into granny-aged women, but if I were, this would be the one for me! It’s free to register too, so you’ve got that going for you!

Other Sites Ran By The Sassy Seniors Parent Company

Looking for other sites that are owned and operated by Sassy Seniors? I’ve got a list of about six of them you should consider using. Check out these reviews of the other sites they run and learn about them as well. I suggest trying one of them at the very least!

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