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RealW4M Review: My Personal Take On This Website

As you know, I’m a pretty straight shooter and I tell it like it is 99.9% of the time. Sure, I’m slightly opinionated at times but isn’t everyone? Anyway, what I wanted to cover here was a site called RealW4M and it’s one that I recently came across during my searches online.

Not a lot of stuff ticks me off but there are certainly some things that do at scale. One of those things is shady websites. That’s one of the reasons why I’m writing to you today about RealW4M.com because they piss me off. Given that I’ve been running my site about dating apps for a long time and that I sniff out ridiculous sites, I know a thing or two about this stuff.

I’m going to be brief and just dive right into things for you today to share what I discovered about the website and why it’s likely best to avoid it.

RealW4m.com review

My Review of RealW4M.com

So, without wasting any time here, I’ll just come right out and say that visiting this site is not necessary. Doing so will not help you hookup directly. They certainly want you to think that given the way that they’ve designed the site but I’ll be the first to tell you it’s nothing special and will not lead to sex.

But let me take a step back here and explain to those who might not be familiar with it, what realw4m means and stands for…

Basically, the acronym realw4m stands for “real women for men,” and more specifically Backpage women for men also known as Backpage w4m. They want you to think that you’re going to find Backpage women looking for men here on this site and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you take a closer look at the website, you’ll quickly realize that it’s literally just a single page site.

Yes, it’s only one page.

What should this lead you to understand? Well, it should make you realize that any real dating site is obviously more than just one page. You nailed it! The site is just another one of those landing pages that try to send you elsewhere.

While I didn’t want to click any links on the site because they could be harmful what I can say is that this is NOT a real dating site.

They do a decent job trying to trick users into thinking that it’s a real site, but nothing is getting past me these days.

A few other things that they do to trick users are that they’ve branded themselves as being “One Place For All Things Sexual,” and they’ve added quite a few very explicit images to get the surfer interested. They make ridiculous claims on the site like “No hookers,” “No pussy footing around,” and “No fake profiles.” Are those all true statements? Well, it’s really tough to say. What I can confirm is that RealW4M doesn’t have any of those things because it’s not a real dating site.

screenshot of RealW4M homepage

Then if you keep scrolling down, you’ll notice that they have a bunch of questions listed on the homepage. Like literally 40 and they don’t answer any of them. It’s purely to keep you reading and serves no other purpose!

I guess my point here is that you need to be careful what sites you attempt to use as they may not be safe and more importantly, they may not even be real dating sites. My guess is that this site is constantly rotating sites and sending people all over the map in search for some nookie, only to be left disappointed and unhappy.

Sure, today they might send you to a good site, but other days they may send you to some site that does nothing but take your money and bang your credit card six ways to Sunday or whatever that saying is.

The way I see it is simple…

You’ve got two options here:

  1. Be a sheep and continue to visit shady sites like this one.
  2. Take advice from a guy that’s been around the block and actually hook up. <- That’s me I’m talking about

Those are your only two choices really.

What works?

Well, there are many sites (as well as apps) out there that work, however, I do have my set list of the best, which both I use and recommend. It would be in your best interest to take the time to check out that list here.

Whatever you do, don’t go clicking around on the RealW4M website because you’re not going to meet any women looking for men there directly, I can 100% guarantee that! I don’t care whether you’re looking to hire some girl or you’re looking for somebody to hookup with free of charge. Whatever you might be into, you’re not going to find it here – sorry.

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