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PerfectMatch.com Review: Is It Really Perfect? You Be The Judge!

If you’re looking for your “special someone” and have tried other dating sites to no avail. PerfectMatch.com might be the next dating site you give a try in hopes that you’ll find love and companionship. However, not like it’s sister site, BigChurch.com. Using Perfect Match, I was left completely underwhelmed. If you are truly looking to meet another person, PerfectMatch.com is not going to be the site for you.

PerfectMatch.com website

Full Review Of Perfect Match (Why It Just Didn’t Work For Me)

I am a huge believer that if someone is going to join a dating site, they should read the terms of service. Every trick that dating sites use will be listed in those terms so they cannot be sued if their members find out that the site is using deceptive practices. Reading the terms of PerfectMatch.com opened my eyes to why this site is not one of the better dating sites.

The first thing you’ll notice in the terms is that PerfectMatch.com uses automatic messaging. This means that once you have signed in and created a profile, the site will begin sending you automated messages from fake, site-made profiles.

These are profiles don’t belong to authentic members but instead, are fabricated to make the site seem full of women looking to get together with desperate men. The messages will initially sound real, but once you keep getting them, you’ll realize that they aren’t quite answering your questions anymore or the topic you were discussing switched away suddenly.

The only purpose to these profiles is to get you to upgrade your membership and pay more to the company. You can’t meet the women in these profiles and you’ll never truly connect with them.

They Own Your Data

The second bit of interesting information you’ll see if you look at their terms is that once you have created a profile on PerfectMatch.com, your profile and identity belong to them. The site can take anything you enter on your profile and use it in any way they see fit.

This means they can take your profile and share it on their other dating sites or with other dating sites they contract with. If you cancel your membership at any point, PerfectMatch.com does not have to remove your profile and is still able to use it as they wish, which is as one of the fake profiles they are overrun with.

Automatic Messages Roll In

And finally, what happens when you are unaware of the shady tactics that PerfectMatch.com uses and you’re getting message after message? You will probably get excited and try to respond to those messages. However, once you try to do so, you’ll see that you’re only able to read the subject line of the message. You can’t read the body of the message or even send a response. In fact, once you try to respond to those messages, you are automatically redirected to a page prompting you to pay for the ability to read and respond to those messages.

The Cost

Becoming a member isn’t cheap and once you realize that you’re being contacted by bots, you’re really going to be angry. However, if you don’t believe me, go ahead and join and see what happens. The pricing breakdown for membership to PerfectMatch.com is as follows:

  • One-month subscription-$59.99
  • Three-month subscription-$99.95
  • Six-month subscription-$159.95
  • One-year subscription-$249.95

What I urge you to remember is this: Once you give PerfectMatch.com your credit card information, they will continue to renew your membership indefinitely at the rate you originally joined at. If you do not cancel before your membership is due to end, you will be charged again, whether you liked the site or not.

Conclusion: Looking For The Perfect Site? You Won’t Find It On Perfect Match

You know what I consider a perfect match? Me, a jar of peanut butter, some weed and no pants. No, but seriously, there are things that I suggest doing if you want to hook up. Remember, people join dating sites because they want to meet real people. They don’t join these sites because they want to be strung along and ripped off. PerfectMatch.com is just another dating site that will charge you large amounts of money to have fake conversations and never actually meet another flesh-and-blood human. To me, you have much better options out there if you’re looking to find that perfect match.

If you’re looking for love, then I might not be the best person to ask. However, if you just want to get laid and enjoy life, then give this FriendFinder for adults a shot. It actually works quite well!

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