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Passion Desire

Passion Desire Review: Everything Revealed Right Here!

I’ve been known to do some wild things over the years. For the most part, when on the hunt some someone to casually date, I typically go with an app for hooking up. However, on certain occasions, I’ll choose a dating website. This time I decided to try the Passion Desire site. What I’ve done is shared every detail of my experience using the passiondesire.com website so you know what to expect. I’ll give you a quick overview of everything that I learned about the website and most importantly, a recommendation as to whether or not you should join the site.

Passion Desire
Official Passiondesire.com homepage.

Complete Review of PassionDesire.com And What You Must Know

There are a bunch of things that you need to understand about this dating site. The first thing that I want you to know is that this isn’t the only site that the company owns. FH International Limited owns a number of dating sites today.

They run Flirthookup.com, XMeeting.com, XSocial.com, and more. Sure, these sites are all different but they basically operate under the same principles and practices. Before I get into all of that though, here’s a rundown of the site features.

Chat Sessions – This is the messaging center of the site where you can communicate with others, send and receive messages.

Webcams – The site offers a webcam service for an additional cost. No, these aren’t really members you’d chat with.

Profile Edits – Yes, you can edit your profile just like any other dating site. This is nothing special at all.

Homepage – The homepage houses a data feed that allows you to see who’s checked out your profile and who’s active on the site in real-time.

Search Functions – The site allows you to search for users using various characteristics like age, gender, location, who’s online, proximity, and more.

General Overview

I wasn’t shocked from what I learned about the Passion Desire website. I don’t think you will be either. There are so many things that I hate about this site it’s unbelievable. My guess is that you’ll feel the same way once you learn what they do to scam you.

Lots of Virtual Profiles

When you initially register to become a user on passiondesire.com, you must agree to the terms of the site. One thing that you agree to is that the site contains virtual profiles. You agree to receive offers and communications from these fake profiles. Things like instant messaging and other stupid auto updates.

The fake profiles aka virtual profiles are all created internally by the company. Why do they create these? Well, they do so to make the site look more active and full with members. If you take a closer look at each of the virtual profiles, you’ll soon realize that all the messages are somewhat similar.

I should mention that all of these fictitious profiles which have been created by employees of FH International Limited are not going to get you laid. Use of these fake profiles is very similar to the milfaholic.com scam that I uncovered recently.

Stolen Images Used

If you take an even closer look at the “virtual profiles” you’ll soon realize that many of the photos used in these are ripped from other sites. In fact, most of them are from adult sites where the images have been copied and repurposed as profile photos.

How do I know this? That’s simple, I was able to determine this by checking the images via a reverse image search using tineye and a few other types of software that I use. The whole site does a lot to deceive users and this is just one of the things. Do you want to pay for a membership to a site that uses fake profiles and stolen photos? No way! Why on earth would anyone want to contribute to that behavior?

The Fake Messaging Pisses Me Off

Honestly, there is nothing more annoying than getting a bunch of fake messages from virtual profiles on a dating website. Think about it, you’re horny and looking for someone to hookup with.

Yet you’re getting all these messages from people that you have virtually no chance of meeting and banging ever. The automated messages make me angry to the point where I literally have written and complained to the company about it.

They Hire Contractors

This site takes things a step further and hires contractors to assist with the fraudulent communications. Yes, Passion Desire hires people to interact with the small number of real users on the website.

They do this to entice you to upgrade your membership to “paid status” where they allow you to do a few more things as a member. Paying a monthly subscription for any dating site using virtual profiles is completely insane.

The Terms Are Ridiculous

If you take just a few minutes of your time to read the terms and conditions of this website, you’ll soon find yourself exiting and not wasting any time on it.

The fact that they post fake profiles is absolutely ridiculous and the employees of this site should be ashamed of what they do. There is nothing authentic about this site. Far as I’m concerned, the company behind this and all the other sites are terrible and it’s a total waste of time joining Passion Desire.

Contacting The Company

If you already joined and you want to get your money back via a chargeback, then call your credit card company and complain to them. Either that you you can reach out to the company directly via email or phone. Here’s all the information that you need…

Phone Numbers:
1-866-883-4978 or 1-925-264-3473


Conclusion: Passion Desire Uses Virtual Profiles So Stay Away!

Passion Desire is one of the bad dating sites out there that you’ll want to avoid. Even if this was 100% free to use, it would still be a waste of time. Like I said, if a dating service tries to pawn itself off as being legit when in fact it’s nothing but deception and fake bot communication, then you must stay away. The bottom line is simple, do not join this site ever.

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