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OurTime.com Review: Are They Taking Advantage Of Older Single People?

Some people out there like to date people over the age of 50. Though I’m not one of them that fancies much older women, I’m not afraid to hook up with older women so long as they’re hot. So, when I came across OurTime.com I was slightly interested, Just enough to want to check it out.

While many of the dating networks that I use are awesome, some of flat out complete ripoffs. For those unfamiliar with this site, it’s owned by the People Media Network. Their network is literally huge and they target many different types of users. This one happens to be targeting older men and women looking to date. It’s similar to SeniorPeopleMeet.com and the more risque GrannyHookups.com. Curious whether or not OurTime is worth your time? Well, check out my review and learn all that you need to know right here. It’s super important that you do this before you get a login to the site.

Ourtime.com Site Review

“Older People” Dating Site OurTime Exposed For Taking Advantage Of Seniors

I am not going to sugarcoat anything here today. Instead, I will give you the full rundown of everything that I know about this dating site for people over 50 years of age. Some good, some bad, but most of it will be as ugly as it gets.

Simple Facts: OurTime Does Things To Take Advantage Of Members.

Yes, that’s a bold statement but once I reveal the following tactics you will not think that at all. The first thing you need to realize is that you must check out the terms and conditions of the website before joining. The problem is that we all know older people don’t read the fine print. Heck, most of them can’t even see it. I’m being serious here too!

Your Member Profile Is Duplicated

The second that you create a member profile on OurTime.com, your profile gets repurposed across multiple dating sites. Basically, all of the People Media sites will likely contain your personal profile. The problem with this is that maybe some users don’t want to be associated with other dating sites.

Were you told out right that this would take place? Not a chance and if you think they’re going to tell you you’re crazy. All I can say is that when you join the site, you agree that being a member of Ourtime.com means that you’re also a member of ALL the other sites they have.

Canceling Means Nothing

Another major issue that I have with this dating site that they assuming legal ownership of your profile regardless of whether you cancel or become inactive. What I believe happens is simply a user canceling their subscription and the company taking full control and ownership of your profile.

The major problem I have with this is that they could be acting on your behalf and communicating with other people without your know how. You’ve essentially given them permission to do so when joining. Also, the parent company that owns OurTime.com has the legal rights to use your images and information however they see fit. Not to mention they can change anything that they want to as well.

Subscription Scam

While I wouldn’t necessarily call this a scam it is one if you’re trying to get gullible older people to join a recurring billing service. It’s comical to think that a person who’s on the verge of senior citizenship is going to read the tiny print disclosing the continuous charges and increase in fees. It’s completely absurd in my personal opinion.

Fake Emailing

Joining this site, you agree to receive email communication and internal messaging from computer generated bots. Don’t think for a second these are real people. Not a chance. Instead, you’re getting emails and chat messages via algorithms in place.

Contact Info

If you want to cancel your membership, you can call the company at 866-727-8920 or you can visit this page here (http://www.ourtime.com/v3/help) and they’ll be able to help you do that.

Conclusion: OurTime Is Time Wasted, Period!

Do not even waste your time joining the OurTime.com website. Instead, you would be far better off joining a larger network that has many other users over the age of 50. I can vouch for some sites out there that exist. In the past, I talked about fling.com being the best place to meet people to hook up. Read about it here.

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