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Okhookup Review: From Free Registration To Hundreds In Credit Card Fees!

Today I’m here to give you my rundown of a site called Okhookup. If you’re the type that likes to hookup with local girls looking to bang, then this review is for you. However, what you need to realize is that this so-called dating website isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.


I’m not kidding when I tell you that there’s a good chance that you’ll be disappointed should you decide to use this website. I’m going to tell you exactly why I believe that to be the case. See the website clearly states that the this is the easy way to hook up tonight, but I’m telling you right now, chances are quite slim that you actually hookup, period. I explain it all below in my official review. Just be sure to continue reading and learn all about it.

okhookup review


My Official Okhookup Review Reveals All

Okay, so the whole point of joining these casual dating sites is to find that one night stand partner. They are everywhere and trust me when I say that it’s possible to find someone to smash, you just need to be using the right app or network.

Using this one WILL NOT help. Sure, they say that you can “Join Free” and “Hook Up Tonight” but that’s not even close to the experience that I had while using this app. In fact, I’ll go ahead and categorize this as being one of the least ineffective hookup apps that I’ve used in a long time.

How OkHookup.com Ropes You In

So, if you’re anything like the average horny single guy, you don’t take that much time to review the small details. Well, I hate to say it but the minor details are what really matter here. I’ll explain exactly what I mean by describing the website.

So, at first glance, when you come to the site you see a neverending scroll off girls taking selfies. At which point you begin to salivate just like every other horny guy on the planet. You quickly notice that it states that these girls are located not too far away from you.

For example, you’re seeing some of the girls located 1-5 miles away. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but most of them are not even close to you at all. In fact, there’s no way in hell that they are that close because the same “miles away” are showing up for everyone. It’s all just a marketing ploy to rope you in.

The site then tries to share some kind of “Hookup Handbook” or whatever they call it and in doing so, they have like 7,000 words of what they refer to as dating advice. Does the advice work? Is it sincere? Most likely no. It’s all just to make you think that they know what they’re talking about.

Remember, when you read a long article about something you automatically assume that the person must know what they are talking about, but in all honesty, they may not. Again, just another marketing tactic.

Not Okcupid

One thing that OkHookup does is they make it a point to mention that OKCupid (check out that review here) doesn’t sponsor or endorse the site. In my personal opinion, I’m convinced that the site is simply doing this to make mention of it and nothing more. People know that they are not associated with okcupid.com. They just confirm that and again, they want people to make that association or connection.

One Link Says It All

So if you take a look at this link here https://okhookup.com/2257.html you’ll notice that the custodian of records is a guy named Pedro Gpalud. What you might not realize is that Pedro Gpalud is associated with lots of sites that I believe are a complete waste of time and money.

okhookup.com 2257 page

How They Do It

Here’s exactly what the okhookup.com website does. They do everything in their power to get you to click on those neon green buttons. You’ll see the Join Free, Hookup Tonight, and Try Our Hookup App and the rest of the green buttons. Clicking on those buttons will lead to another window opening.

The new window opens and it’s none other than a questionnaire. Yes, the most basic fake questionnaire that you can imagine. Trust me, your answers to these questions mean absolutely nothing at all! I guarantee they mean nothing because I went through and answered differently with the same results.

Site questionnaire

This site makes it seem like your answers matter but they don’t and won’t. They also make it seem like there are a limit in the number of spots and truth be told, there are far more than that. In fact, they do not have any type of limit as to the number of memberships that you can sign up for.

So, the strategy is quite simple. The website will try and get you to click on the green buttons, at which point it will lead you to the questionnaire. Once you get to the questionnaire you’ll be notified that you qualify for a free registration.

Here’s The Kicker…

You’ll be registering not on okhookup but another website with a similar name. They collect your email address and try to send you to a site that requires age verification. They claim that this costs you $0.00 and that’s completely false unless you cancel your membership within the 2-day trial period. If not, you will be charged close to $150 for this so-called free dating site! So, really what you are doing is doing a site called meetbang.com. It’s a complete scam that you totally want to avoid at all costs, trust me! Check out the screenshot below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

okhookup billing

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is quite simple. Do NOT join okhookup.com unless you want your credit card to get hit with $150 worth of charges. It’s literally that simple. Instead, I strongly suggest that you use one of the sites listed on this webpage and nothing else. They are 100% guaranteed to get you laid or your money back.

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