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OKCupid Mobile Review: Cupid’s Ultimate App Good, Bad or Great?

After so many folks that I know talked about OKCupid, I had to join the site myself and see what it really had to offer. For the most part, it was a good free option for those looking to date for free. However, I suggest you read my entire review before you join. A few things in it may surprise you.

okcupid review

Don't Join OKCupid

OKCupid Mobile App Summary

The OKCupid mobile app is not only one of the most popular mainstream dating apps on the market, it’s also one of the cheapest and quite possibly the easiest to use. It’s typically looked as being more mainstream versus casual but due to its popularity, I couldn’t refrain from writing my personal review of the site. If you’re first not sure what mainstream is, then I suggest you check out this definition provided by Urban Dictionary.

You actually don’t have to pay anything at all to hook up with girls. You can choose to pay to get on what OkCupid calls the A-list should you choose to do so and it’s not even that expensive to get on the so-called A-list. The popularity level and massive network allow this app to function well without having to pay anything. It’s a great app for those who don’t have a lot of money or luck with the ladies.

The OKCupid Login and Signup Details 

OKCupid is available on Google play and iTunes. Search the name and download. Enter your sexual orientation and gender. Connect with Facebook or  simply enter  your birth date, zip code and email address to sign up. If signing up through the Facebook login process; access to your public profile is required, but you can choose whether to share your Friends list, E-mail address, Birthday, Interests, Photos and Likes. When you sign in with Facebook, you still need to provide your e-mail, username and zip code. You don’t have to use the pictures from your Facebook page that they choose randomly. After signing up, you can go in and change the pictures around however you like. Be sure to use current pictures in the highest quality possible. Many girls pass guys right up if they have a blurry or bad picture.

OK Cupid Membership Stats

OKCupid continues to grow at an alarming rate. As of December 2015; there were over 35 million users (based on my personal research). That number seems to continue to grow with over 1 million unique users logging in per day.

The Cost To Join

Okcupid is free to join and free to use but has ads that are minimally invasive to the experience. You can choose to pay to go A-list which gives you advanced search options, lets you browse anonymously, a full list of people who like you, better message filters, ads are taken down and more message storage. Going A-list costs $9.95 for a 6-month package, $14.95 a month for a 3-month package or $19.95 per month.

Best App Features

They ask for more details than other similar dating sites. The 10 match questions are a good way to find people who have a lot in common with you. They give you a percentage to let you know the highest match possible based on the info entered. You get to see who has visited your profile. There are many filters when browsing through matches. The Quickmatch feature puts matches on a line that you scroll through for easy browsing.

My Experience As An OKCupid User

I don’t usually have to have a lot in common with a girl to have sex with her. A mutual attraction is all I need and it’s on. OkCupid gave me the opportunity to hook up with girls who shared a lot of the same specific interests. I can’t say that it was the best opportunity for hooking up as there are plenty of other dating apps that I’ve had success with but it wasn’t bad. I actually found a local girl who looked like she stepped out of a beauty pageant in the local Miami, FL area.

She was super sexy, not just a typical hot girl. She had an amazing personality and we connected on many levels. I was pretty happy to be able to find a girl who shared a lot of the same interests that I had. I was looking to hook up and just have fun and it seems like she wanted a little bit more but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t able to successfully connect with someone that wanted to hook up! In fact, we actually agreed that we would meet for a casual sex date and if we were both single by the time we were ready to settle down, we would take things a bit more seriously. I simply wasn’t ready for any of that, though.

Problems With OKCupid

Did I have any problems? No, not really. But in the event that you do have any issues, you can contact customer service. However, there are no categories to narrow down what type of feedback you have. When you open the Feedback tab, you are prompted to add a subject to your message, a message, and your e-mail address. This is where you send any questions or concerns that you might have. If you need help with a more specific issue, you’re going to have to just reach out and hope that support gets back to you as quickly as possible.


Common Questions Asked

Once again, I find myself spilling the beans and publically sharing answers to a number of questions I have gotten via email from curious readers. But do not fret, reading these questions and answers about OkCupid should not take up too much of your time. I strongly suggest you do two things. One, you keep reading this OkCupid review. Two, you check out the list at the very end of the review. As for answers, you asked for them, so I’ve delivered!

I came across a number of people talking on Reddit in a specific OkCupid Reddit thread. Should I pay any mind to this? What is this all about?

Well, truth is, I don’t own Reddit nor do I use it. I know what it is and knowing what I know, I suggest you not even waste your time on it. It’s time that could be spent using a dating site to meet girls.

When did you write this OkCupid review and what is it based on?

I wrote this review after testing the official OkCupid app and website as a full premium site member for months. I don’t believe in writing reviews until I’ve had the chance to fully immerse myself into the dating pool within a network. That said, I wrote this after joining.

Did you try using OkCupid in Boston or Chicago?

I did try in Boston but not Chicago. I was not so lucky in Boston. In fact, I think I ended up hooking up with some girl I met at a club downtown after hitting Legal Seafood in Southie.

Is OkCupid free to use?

Yes, it’s 100% free but if you want to do everything on the site then you must upgrade your membership.

I see a lot of people posting success stories. Do you suggest I check those out?

Here’s my take on this type of thing. If they share five or even ten success stories that is not even a one percent success rate. But wait, Okcupid literally has millions and millions of users. My point exactly! I suggest not wasting your time reading the stories.

If you have to choose between Zoosk vs Okcupid which would you join?

Heck, I would not join either of these sites again. If you want you can make your own judgment call after reading my Zoosk review.

Conclusion: OKCupid Is Not Okay To Join, There Are Better.

You simply can’t get premium services on any other app cheaper than you can with OkCupid. If you’re looking for a middle road dating site that’s not quite 100% serious relationship dating and one that’s 100% about just having sex. It’s a happy medium and if you couple that with an enormous and fast-growing network it makes for a pretty good opportunity to meet local girls. Try it for yourself and you don’t even have to break the bank to get real results. Find a girl to date or just hook up with. You have plenty choices. If you want to meet someone less serious, there are plenty of other dating sites that I’ve both reviewed and joined. If you just want to have sex, this might not be the site for you.

Don't Join OKCupid.com

But wait there’s more! If you’re seriously interested in trying a number of different sites, I’ve got just the perfect sites for you. I’m going to advise that you join a couple of these sites and narrow down to which you like the best. If you’re not sure which one is for you, then I suggest you check out all the reviews and make a decision on a couple. I promise they work. If you fail, I’ll personally help you get laid online by coaching you through the entire process.

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