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mydirtyneighbour review

MyDirtyNeighbour Review: Naughty Fun Nextdoor? Maybe!

In this site teardown, I cover all the things you must know about MyDirtyNeighbour.com. The review showcases all the site features, the registration process and details, the pros and cons of joining, the costs involved, and more.  If you’re looking for someone nearby in the UK or if you have a fetish for hooking up with a horny person living next door, then this is a must-read for you.

mydirtyneighbour review


MyDirtyNeighbour Review

Mydirtyneighbour is a sex dating website that falls under the Sex Dating category. It welcomes individuals with various sexual orientations, including straight, gay, and lesbian.

Established in 2018, it has now been operating for five years, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its members. On the front page of the site, you will not find explicit adult images, ensuring a more discreet and approachable user experience.

Unlike some dating platforms that are part of a network, Mydirtyneighbour is a stand-alone dating site. This means that it operates independently, focusing solely on providing a platform for individuals seeking sexual encounters and connections. By being a dedicated site, Mydirtyneighbour aims to create a focused and tailored experience for its users, specifically targeting those interested in sex dating.

With its inclusive approach to sexual orientation and a commitment to maintaining a non-explicit front page, Mydirtyneighbour strives to offer a user-friendly and discreet environment. Members can explore their desires and connect with like-minded individuals while navigating a platform designed to facilitate intimate encounters.

It’s important to note that, as with any online platform, users should exercise caution and prioritize their safety when engaging in online dating activities. Reviewing the site’s guidelines and terms of service, as well as following safe online practices, can contribute to a more secure and enjoyable experience on Mydirtyneighbour.


When you visit the Mydirtyneighbour website, you’ll find a range of search criteria to help you find the perfect match. The basic search options include:

  • Gender: You can specify the gender you’re interested in, allowing you to explore profiles that align with your preferences.
  • Age: Define the age range you’re looking for to narrow down your search and find individuals within your desired age group.
  • With Photo Only: This option enables you to filter profiles and view only those with profile pictures, providing a visual glimpse into potential matches.
  • Online Now: By selecting this option, you can focus on members who are currently online, increasing the likelihood of immediate interaction and response.


The website of Mydirtyneighbour boasts a fully responsive web design, ensuring optimal usability across various devices, including computers, laptops, and smartphones. This means that regardless of the device you prefer to use, you can access and navigate the site seamlessly, enjoying its features and functionalities.

In addition to the basic search criteria, Mydirtyneighbour offers extended searches that allow for more specialized preferences. These advanced search options may include specific attributes, interests, or kinks that align with your unique desires.

Once you’ve found someone who catches your interest, Mydirtyneighbour provides the opportunity to engage in private chats and connections. Whether you want to initiate a conversation or respond to an invitation, the platform facilitates one-on-one interactions, fostering connections in a private and discreet environment.

Mydirtyneighbour offers an array of search options and communication features to enhance your experience and enable meaningful connections. Explore the possibilities, interact with like-minded individuals, and enjoy the journey of fulfilling your desires within a safe and consensual environment.

Pros and Cons of Mydirtyneighbour


  • Live Chat: Mydirtyneighbour offers live-chat functionality, allowing you to engage in real-time conversations with other members. This feature promotes immediate interaction and a more dynamic experience.
  • Private Profiles: The platform ensures that user profiles are kept private, providing a level of discretion for individuals seeking intimate connections. You can feel confident in exploring your desires without compromising your privacy.


  • No Mobile App: Currently, Mydirtyneighbour does not have a dedicated mobile dating app. This means you may need to access the platform through its website, limiting the convenience of on-the-go access and potentially affecting the user experience for mobile users.
  • No Proof of Identity Verification: Mydirtyneighbour lacks a system for verifying the identity of its users. While privacy is a priority, the absence of identity verification may raise concerns regarding the authenticity of profiles and increase the possibility of encountering fake or misleading accounts.
  • No Anonymous Payment Methods: Mydirtyneighbour may not offer anonymous payment methods, potentially compromising the discretion and privacy of individuals who prefer to keep their financial transactions confidential.

Price, Cost, and Payment Method

There are no Trial Plans available on Mydirtyneighbour.

Coin-Plan: Credits Mydirtyneighbour offers a Coin-Plan that allows you to purchase credits to access certain features and services on the site. Unlike a recurring subscription, this plan is non-recurring, meaning you won’t be automatically billed for additional credits. Here are the available options and prices for the Coin-Plan:

  • 5 coins: $9.70
  • 10 coins: $22.90
  • 50 coins: $100.30
  • 100 coins: $187.20
  • 200 coins: $346.90

Purchasing credits through the Coin-Plan enables you to have a flexible and customizable experience on Mydirtyneighbour. These credits can be used to access premium features, engage in certain interactions, or unlock additional content within the site.

Payment for the Coin-Plan can be made through CCBill using your card. This provides a secure and convenient way to complete your transaction.

Mydirtyneighbour features a registration form that falls into the category of a medium-length form. The registration process consists of a total of 10 required fields that need to be completed in order to create an account. These fields are essential for gathering the necessary information to set up your profile and ensure a smooth user experience.


So, after further review, the My Dirty Neighbour site has a few good reasons why you might consider joining but there are also many cons to consider. For this reason, I have to suggest that you join my favorite network over this one. It’s just not as good – simple as that really.

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