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Members-Dating.com Review

Conclusion up front reveals that Members-Dating.com is not worth it. This is based on my personal experience using the site as a member. Find out why I do not like this site and why it’s a waste of time.

If you’re reading this right now, then you’re interested in the one and only Members Dating site. The question is whether or not it delivers. Here’s what I learned while checking out the site and what you might consider if you’re interested in doing so as well…

Members-Dating.com Screenshot
Screenshot of Members-Dating.com site with the girls blurred out.

My Complete Members Dating Investigation

Here’s the scoop without boring you with unnecessary details. I researched (front to back) the Members-Dating.com website and this is what you need to know about it…

The landing page of Members-Dating.com looks amazing. They start by cramming pictures of as many half-naked, big-boobed women as they can find all over their page. Then they make sure that you think that you’ve got hundreds or thousands of options for a hookup or affair in your city.

Never mind that you live in a little town with a population of only a few hundred, Members-Dating.com assures you that you’ve got a ton of matches. Unfortunately, Members-Dating.com is absolutely nothing but talk with zero delivery of their promises.

The Terms Speak Volumes

Most of what I found that was wrong with Members Dating was easily found if you read their terms and conditions. I know nobody wants to read boring old rules, but I highly recommend that you do that with any dating site you use. You might be surprised by what you see!

Love Stars Once Again, Ugh!

The first thing you should look for in those terms is if the site uses something called Love Stars. They might be called something different, like Love Cupids, but no matter what they’re called, they’re all the same.

These are fake profiles that have been created to make you, the user, feel like the site is active. They will always be a sexy woman with pictures that look too perfect and you’ll even start getting messages from them before you’ve had a chance to finish your profile. Oh, and you can’t read any of the messages you receive until you pay for that opportunity.

Details About The Fake Profiles

Love Star profiles are either run by a computer program, AKA a bot, or the parent company behind the site hires freelancers to manage the accounts.

These fakes will get flirty with you, pretend to want to know about you, and just lead you on and on to try and get you to continue with your membership. Let me be clear.

You will NEVER meet these women.

The pictures you see of them are probably stolen and not only will you never meet them, you just can’t. They could be from anywhere in the world and hell, they might not even be a woman.

So, while you might feel popular with all these gorgeous ladies just hanging on your every word, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t. They only want to get into your wallet, not your pants.

More Things You Pay For

The messaging option isn’t the only thing you’ll be paying for. If you join Members-Dating.com, you’re going to be asked to verify your age.

This is supposed to make sure you’re an adult, which I can agree with on a site such as that. But, what it does is give Members-Dating.com access to your credit card number which they use to charge you for things you can get for free online, such as adult videos.

Shady dating sites often do this with two common porno sites called Vibe Video and Video Erotic, which will cost you $40 and $29 a month respectively. If you don’t catch it, you will be charged crazy amounts of money for something you can get free everywhere else.

And how do they get away with it? Well, once you sign up for Members-Dating.com, you agree to abide by their terms even if you didn’t read them. That’s why I strongly suggest you do so before doing anything else on any dating site.

Conclusion: Members-Dating.com Does Not Deliver!

Joining Members-Dating.com is a complete and total waste of time, and if you’re not careful, it will be a complete waste of your money too. Your chances of getting laid are slim to none, especially with all the fake profiles you’re going to be bombarded with.

Shady dating sites like this one as well as this here all use the same tactics to get you to continue paying for their sub-par services and you’ll find it all listed in the mostly unread terms of service. For your sanity, avoid this crappy site and instead focus on legitimate hookup sites for all your casual sex needs.

But where you ask?

No problem, I’ve got you covered right here! If you’re looking to connect with some hot local who wants to have some fun. Simply join any of the sites listed below and you’ll be good to go. Trust me, you will 100% get laid using them, I guarantee it!


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