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Meet24 Mobile Review: Free Android and iOS Network With Video Messaging

The Meet24 app is a speedy mobile dating app that’s completely free for anyone to register. Many people use this app on their Android or iPhone to flirt with local people.

I investigated the Android OS app as well as the iTunes OS application. There were a couple of things that I was able to uncover right away after immediately joining. I’m going to share them all right now here in this review.

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Meet24 Review of The Mobile Dating App

I’ll do my best to describe everything I know about this social messaging app. It’s simply a social network that allows you to connect and chat with other users within the network. There are some decent features on this site that you’ll want to know about. The app is a decent good chat app but the security might not be as secure and up to snuff. Before I get into all that, I’ll cover the features of the app.

Meet24 Features

This app does have some good features and characteristics that I need to share with you.

Completely Free – The app is totally free for users to download and register. Sure, there are upgrade or so-called in-app purchase options but it’s totally free for anyone to use.

Video Messaging – The app allows you to send video messages to users via the app. It allows you to record a video clip, send it to a Meet24 member and gives them the opportunity to reply via video as well.

Identify Users Nearby – Assuming you’re one of the types of people that like to head out into your town or city in order to meet people, then you’re in luck. The Meet24 app allows you to locate mobiles users nearby that are using the app. This may help you connect with users much quicker and get laid.

Search via Distance Restriction – Along with being able to locate users nearby, there is a distance search feature which gives you the ability to restrict the distance in which you’re looking for people. Sure, this is a real common feature, nevertheless, it’s one worth mentioning.

Common Social Dating Features – Assuming you decide to try this app out, you’re going to learn that it has some of the same features and functions that many social networks and dating sites have. This makes it easier to use far as I’m concerned.

Uploading and Sharing Photos – If you’re the type that likes to upload lots of photos in your profile, then you’re in luck. Another thing that you can do here is share all the photos that you upload with other users.

The App Has Flaws

Now, all these things sound great but there are definitely some flaws that come along with using this app.

Some people have complained that the app isn’t as secure as it should be. They claim that it doesn’t have the most up-to-date privacy methods either and to top things off, there is no real customer support or moderation like you get when joining the premium dating apps.

As a result, this ends up causing lots of issues with fake users creating profiles. It’s a huge burden to have to deal with receiving messages from people that are not real users. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to use apps like to use SocialSex instead of using Meet24.

Another flaw that this app has is they do not allow you to delete any photos. Now, this is a huge issue if you ask me. I know some people that have ended up settling down and have completely closed and canceled casual dating profiles that they have across the internet. Apparently, that’s not possible when using the Meet24 app.

You’ll also notice that there is very little support from the developer (Wildec LLC) and tech issues are quite common with the app regardless of the OS platform you’re using.

The Costs

You can upgrade your membership to a premium subscription if you choose to do so. The cost to do so is between $12.99 and $59.99 depending on the subscription that you choose.

There’s also an option that allows you to buy “points” which you can use to do certain things within the app.

Lastly, you can stick out more by purchasing the “Feature Me” option for a low $2.99. This will get your profile noticed more.

Conclusion: Meet24 Works But With Many Flaws

I have been using dating apps for years and can safely say that this one does work but with many drawbacks. If you’re not worried about being able to delete your profile and you’re not needy when it comes to customer support, then this might work for you.

However, if you rather use something that guarantee and provides top-notch customer support, then I suggest reading this review.

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