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Lolly App

Lolly Dating App Review: A TikTok Hookup Rival Gaining Traction?

I’ve seen many apps come and go over the years. So many that I cannot even keep track. The Lolly App is here to take over where TikTok left off and help users connect for dates. I’ve recently come across the app and wanted to share what I know about it. Consider this my current review of The Lolly App and all that I’ve learned about it. That said, I’ll be sure to update this as things progress with the company. Here’s what I know…

The Lolly App Review

Everything I Know About TheLollyApp.com

I’ll kick this off with some of the basic details. The company is run by CEO Marc Baghadjian who took matters into his own hands to change the social dating industry for good. I’m guessing that the Babson College graduate saw high demand for better video feed within the dating industry and decided to emulate TikTok. The company is called Skippit Inc. and it’s possibly changing the way meeting people happens.

Let me cover some of the things that I like about The Lolly App in terms of features and functionality. Keep in mind I’ve not really had a solid amount of time to dive into this. A reminder that I’ll be diving into this further as things progress.

What I Like

Awesome Stream Quality – I’m digging the streams on this app. The quality is right up there for sure and it’s a cool take on social streams with a dating focus.

Notifications – The notifications are pretty slick here on the app. Sure, they’re similar to other notifications, but I’m a fan so I’ll shout it out.

No Fakes / No Entertainment Profiles – What I like about the streams is that it eliminates the chances of fakes populating a dating platform. I also like the fact that there are no entertainment profiles. This means that you won’t find people on here who work for the company looking to have sexy chats with you.

Raised Money – I love the fact that the creators of this app have raised money in Silicon Valley to make this a success. They’ve raised $2.5M from some heavy tech investors with a lot of experience behind them. The former CEO of Apple, John Sculley as well as the former President of Match, John Pleasants have both invested in this app. These guys do not throw money at just anything. They’ve even managed to get heavy VC firms interested and participating.

They Want Feedback – Not every dating app wants to hear what you say. These guys seem to care about people’s opinions. The homepage has a big feedback session, which is awesome.

lolly app feedback

What I Don’t Like

So, there is a feature that allows you to tag friends. I’m not into this feature at all. Many people want to keep dating semi-private. Making this more of a social app versus dating takes away the hookup excitement for me. That’s just my two cents here.

Conclusion: The Lolly App Might Be A Contender

This concept of social streaming for dating could really take off and the app might have some serious legs in due time. Growth here seems pretty decent. Only time will tell what can really happen here with this app and if it’s going to end up being a real winner. I’ll circle back and update this as time progresses! If you’re interested in checking it out, you can do so here.

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