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LocalSexFriends.com Is A Total Scam That Will Cost You Money

If you’re looking for “local sex friends” and you ever happen to come across Localsexfriends.com then I’m going to advise that you click your mouse back immediately. LocalSexFriends.com is an adult sex community, or so they would love to have you believe just that.

What it is, in reality, is one of the most notorious scam sites on the internet. All the standard scamming practices are on display on this site, and only the most gullible men will fall for it. Hopefully, this review will help you avoid becoming one of those men who gets suckered into virtually nothing.

Not only do they deceive you with fake user profiles and messages, but they overcharge every chance they get. Read my LocalSexFriends review below and see why you should avoid this site like a crazy fucking ex.

Local Sex Friends Scam

localsexfriends review

My Experience Using The Scam Site LocalSexFriends.com

The main reason to avoid LocalSexFriends.com is the amount of money it will cost you compared to the results that you get. Check out the cost section of this review to find out exactly how much will be stolen from you if you are foolish enough to enter your credit card information on this site.

This credit card information has to be entered before you even enter the site to prove that you are 18. Once they have your information, they charge whatever they like without notifying you. You will not believe the amount either. I’m talking way more than the typical dating site charges.

Along with costing you a hell of a lot of money, the site also fills its database with bullshit profiles, which it even admits to in their terms of service. They also admit to sending computer automated messages like every scam site out there. The red flags are there from the moment you log in to the site and you should not let anything entice you into going further.

I don’t think I have ever seen a site that is so blatant in its lack of authenticity. There are also few sites that steal this much money from you when you sign up. Don’t let yourself become a victim of this one. There are a lot of scam dating sites out there but this is among the worst.

Trust me, if I didn’t give a shit about you and your money then I wouldn’t even be writing this but I’m telling you that this is a site that you absolutely do not want to waste your time or money using. Who wants to pay to communicate with fake ass bitches? Fuck that!

Fake Messaging at LocalSexFriends.com

As you can see when you look at the terms of service on this site, it’s clear as day that everything is fake. You will be sent computer automated messages generated by the site.

These types of messages are sent by pretty much all of the scam sites on the internet. They are programmed to automatically be sent to users to encourage them to continue to use the site.

This is the main incentive that they give you to join. The messages and chat requests come from very attractive women who seem very interested in chatting with you and possibly hooking up. After you pay for a membership, you never hear from these women again.

Phone Conversations

I never got close to having a phone conversation on LocalSexFriends.com and neither will you.

The scam presents itself pretty quickly and you never get past the fake messages.

Your bank account will take a huge hit before you ever get to even ask for a number. Believe me, you will want to run the other way when you see how much you will be charged.

Absurd Cost of Joining

When you sign up for this site, you are not just signing up for LocalSexFriends.com. You are signing up for 3 separate sites and you will be charged for all of them without prior notification. $39.93 will be charged to your account by ConservativeDatersMeet.com.

$39.95 will be charged to your account by LocalTogether.com and finally $39.97 will be charged to your account by DateForMeNow.com. That is a total of $160 that you will be charged just because you didn’t heed the warnings and signed up anyway.

First Meetup

The only person you will be meeting as a result of going on LocalSexFriends.com is your banker when your account is overdrawn.

I can’t stress enough that you should stay away from this site. You will never even chat with a real person online much less meet a real person.

Conclusion: You Won’t Meet Any Local Sex Friends Using This Site!

There are few scam sites on the internet that are as deceitful and unscrupulous as LocalSexFriends.com. Luckily, they give you enough warning signs and asking for your credit card information right away is the first one.

Never trust a dating site that asks for your credit card information from the start. You should always read the terms and conditions of any dating site before you spend money. If you read the fine print on this site, you will never have to enter. This site snags only the most gullible of men, so don’t let it snag you.

Since this site is a fucking waste of time and money, are there any others that you recommend that won’t rip me off? 

I’m not going to fuck around here because my time is more valuable than yours and I know your time is super valuable. That said, just visit some of the sites listed below and I’m sure you will find a dating site that you will be happy to join. Yes, they have guarantees and yes they work awesome.

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