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LocalHump.com Review: Dating Marketing Scam To Steal Your Money!

I’m all for hooking up with people like you have no idea just how horny I really am. That’s one of the reasons why I spend so much time using dating apps and sex networks. It’s because I just cannot get enough of it, plain and simple. Well, that burning desire to bang everything in sight eventually led me to Localhump.com.

Guess what…the localhump.com website is nothing but a huge scam and one of the worst displays of casual dating that I’ve ever seen in my life.

How do I know it’s fake and not worth your time? Seriously, all it took was two seconds of checking it out and I knew the whole scam. The good news is that this site and scam is very easy to detect if you know what to look out for. Fear not, I’m saving you a ton of time and headaches dealing with this garbage.

It’s complete nonsense, period. You’ll understand very quickly.

localhump.com homepage

My Quick Review Of LocalHump

Okay, I have no other choice but to keep this review short. Reason being, there just isn’t that much substance here and based on what I know and have seen, there’s not much to say other than it sucks.

I’ll go a bit deeper than that, but seriously – it’s awful and will not lead to any local humping of any kind.


The first thing you’ll notice about the LocalHump site is that the logo is actually pretty slick. In fact, it’s the best thing about this entire website. I’ll give the designer who created it a bit pat on the back.

Okay, so look a bit further down and you’ll notice that there is a big “Sign up for FREE” button in pink and it’s so big that it’s obvious that’s where they want your eyes to end up.

The problem is that when you click that big pink button it leads you to a new window and a website that I absolutely hate. Have you ever hear of WellHello.com? Well, that’s the site that localhump.com is working with. Their intentions are clear as crystal.

Below The Fold

If you keep scrolling down the homepage you’ll notice that a bunch of photos exist of random girls. They want you to think that these are members of the Local Hump site but that’s impossible because it doesn’t exist.

There’s no real member’s area.

No real girls.

No real hookups.

It’s 100% a marketing scam and nothing more.

Here’s a screenshot of the fake girls and the dead links (see the bottom of pic).

fake girls on localhump site

That’s not all though, I have even more reason to believe that this is a total scam and nothing more. For example, if you take a close look at the links at the bottom of the page e.g. Privacy Policy, Member Policy, and the Email Policy, you’ll quickly learn that they are all dead links which lead nowhere.

Last but not least, this Localhump.com dating site is hosted by Hostgator. The host is really what many would consider being an amateur website host and most people that have real dating sites have them on dedicated servers, not this crappy shared server.

Conclusion: LocalHump.com Is A Scam

No doubt about it, this is nothing more than a one-page marketing site that provides zero substance and value, period. You will never get laid using this network because it simply doesn’t exist. Sorry, but the good news is that you’ve read it here first and there are plenty of sites that work. Just keep reading my reviews until you find out that works for you. Try those listed on the side of the page first. Good luck!

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