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LocalDates Review: Worst Free Local Dating Redirect Scam Eve

I’ve used lots of local dating sites over the years. Some of them a downright awful and I’m here to oust one of the local sex apps and sites that scam users today. It’s a site called LocalDates and this is exactly what you need to know about it!

Local Dates Reviews

Complete Review of the Local Dates Website

The simple fact of the matter when it comes to Local Dates is that it doesn’t exist and never has. The entire website is a front for a total different scam site, that’s well known to people as being one of the worst around too.

You won’t be able to sign into any kind of Local Dates account or make a profile with them. You’ll be directed to a site called HookupCougars every single time that you try. Sure, you might be led to believe that it’s all part of the process, but it’s the entire process that’s a scam. One site only exists and it does so to trick you into signing up for the other.

Why They Redirect Users

The reason for LocalDates to do this is very simple. The owners get paid for every single person that they trick into getting involved. They spend as much money as they want on advertising, and reap the benefits at the end of the month when the new members are tallied.

If you get redirected through Local Dates then your new profile will be marked as coming from them, and everyone is happy except for you. Both sites get to use their scam tactics against you and see how far you’re willing to go.

Spambots Are Everywhere Too

Hookup Cougars uses all of the typical tricks to get you to upgrade your free profile and is just more of the same old story. They create their own profiles to convince you that the people you see are real and send you email after email from both employees and spambots. Remember, people lie on their profiles when they’re not fake too.

You’ll never be able to respond to a single message unless you open up your wallet and pay for your subscription. That’s the exact second that they get what they want, and you realize that none of them were real users in first place.

Sending Messages Is Useless

You may be able to send a few messages back and forth with someone. But, the chances of the person being a paid employee are much higher than they are of the person being a real user. They go to great lengths to make it seem like they have a huge user base, but it’s all for show.

If real people used the site at all, they wouldn’t have to resort to tricking people into using it. They also certainly wouldn’t have to pay sites like Local Dates to redirect people into it.

Conclusion: LocalDates.net Is A Local Dating Scam

Both of these sites are just total wastes of money. You’ll never talk to anyone real and you’ll definitely never meet up with anyone. No paid employee that you interact with will ever decide to set up a date. You’ll be left with nothing at all for your effort.

The only reward that you’ll ever receive here is an empty bank account and wasted hours. Local Dates is a site to stay away from no matter how appealing they make themselves seem, and Hookup Cougars is even worse. They work in tandem with each other to remind you just how dangerous the internet can really be sometimes.

If you’re looking to join a real local dating website or app that can actually get you laid, then I suggest you check out some of the sites listed below. These are known for being some of the top dating networks in the world.

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