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Local Booty Review: Thumbs Down, Grimey AF…Don’t Do It!

There are so many dating networks that I’ve covered on throughout my site. Some are amazing while others are the worst ever. This LocalBooty.com website is just one of the many that I’ve covered. As you know, I’ve covered OnlineBootyCall.com which is similar, but not to be confused with one another. Nevertheless, it’s just as important that you learn about this one as well as the others.

Local Booty Site Review

My Local Booty Network Review (Scam Revealed)

In the never-ending quest to find a dating site that works for you, you’re going to come across quite a few that are only out to scam you, and Local Booty is one of those sites. It has nothing to offer anyone who actually wants to meet new people and get together to see where things lead for two individuals.

They do nothing except offer you an entertainment experience that simply costs you money, and gives you nothing at all in return for it. All you’ll get is an inbox filled with fake messages and hours spent browsing fake profiles from people who are paid to talk to unwitting members.

LocalBooty.com Screenshot

They Don’t Hide Anything

Local Booty doesn’t hide any of its scams from you. In fact, they lay out everything right in the terms of service that you have to agree to in order to create your profile. They essentially bank on the fact that hardly anyone ever reads the fine print, and will just head right into the members’ section and fall prey to their tricks. No matter how much time you spend browsing around, you’re never going to be talking to any people who have any interest in meeting you, and that’s just a simple fact.

Employee Flirters

With a simple look at the text, you’re going to see that Local Booty employs online flirts to talk to the members. These are both paid employees and spam programs. They are designed to send you message after message as soon as you’ve created your free account, to convince you that paying for an upgrade is a good idea.

As soon as you start checking your inbox, you’ll be led to believe that tons of available people really want you to pay so you can message them back. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s all a simple technique that works far more often than it should.

Fake User Accounts

The next line of assault comes from the fake profiles that they set up. Once again, these are here to make you believe that LocalBooty is filled with people to meet when in reality it’s only populated by employees. If you want to run a quick test, simply take one of the pictures from a profile and do a reverse image search on it.

Chances are that you’re going to find other instances of the same exact photo on other message boards and dating sites. This doesn’t mean that the person gets around, this means that the image is a stock photo purchased from a photographer with the rights to repurpose it on Local Booty.

Conclusion: Local Booty Is The Worst, Do Not Waste Your Time

The scheme of LocalBooty.com is nothing new; plenty of other dating sites use these methods. They all get away with it by claiming to offer an entertainment experience rather than an actual dating site. You’re not signing up to meet new people.

When you join this site, you’re actually signing up to be entertained by people who want you to believe that they’re real and genuine. It’s a total waste of time and money, and you’ll never be seeing anyone in real life. It’s a total scam and should be stayed far away from by anyone who can read.

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