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Kiwi Swingers Review

KiwiSwingers Review: A Platform For New Zealand Swingers

I’ve covered a lot of sites over the years that involve swingers. Why? Well, because swingers have more fun! Today I’m sharing what I know about KiwiSwingers, which is a dating site for individuals within the swinging community. If you’re living in New Zealand and you like to swing, then this might be the very best network for you to consider joining! Find out everything about this network, some other alternatives I recommend, and most importantly, if this is the one for you.

Kiwi Swingers Review

KiwiSwingers Review

Dating life for swingers is never an easy thing. It’s extremely difficult to find a couple that wants to hook up with another couple on a traditional dating site. It gets even harder when you’re a couple looking for a third or a single person looking for a couple. Most sites simply aren’t set up to help you connect with a like-minded person.

You end up spending all of your time looking for someone and never actually talking to anyone. It gets even worse when you’re looking for a hook-up in your immediate area. That’s why it’s so lucky that Kiwi Swingers is around.

This is a site that’s dedicated to helping New Zealand swingers find each other. You can check it out with a 10-week trial membership, right now, for just $13.14. If you know that you’re going to enjoy your time on the site, then you can join for a full month at $26.21.

If that’s not enough time, then you can also join for a whole year. This is the most cost-effective membership and comes in at just $65.63 (1-year). It’s going to be more than worth it to finally find a couple or a third.

kiwiswingers review

Stay Anonymous Online

Anytime you join a site like this, you always have to worry about the security of it all. Nothing is worse than realizing your coworkers or family members have found out that you and your partner are really just swingers looking for a playmate.

You don’t have to worry about that with Kiwi Swingers. This site makes it so only other members can ever see your profile.

There’s no way for a non-member to look for you and that’s all you really need. You’ll be able to upload any photos that you want and only the other people on the site will be able to enjoy them.

It’s Been Around For Long Enough

Of course, one of the biggest downfalls of sites like this is that there are never enough people using them. That’s not an issue here. KiwiSwingers.co.nz has been around since 2006, so they have a massive user base for you to access.

You can find any kind of person that you want, and you don’t have to worry about finding yourself alone on the platform. There’s someone for everyone and that’s what you should always be trying to find whenever you join a new site.

Great Features To Help You Out

On top of all the people on the site, you’re also getting the features that you need to talk to them. There’s a group chat feature that you can use to get to know anyone else who happens to be logged into it.

There’s really no better way to get in touch with local swingers than to just start talking to them. It takes away all the time that you usually spend sending out messages and waiting for replies. It’s all in real-time and it’s the best way to get results.

Conclusion: Try Kiwi Swingers Today!

Kiwi Swingers is really the perfect site for anyone who wants to try out the swinger lifestyle. It’s filled with couples and thirds that want to hook up with new people and you get to be part of it all.

It has plenty of features that you can use, and the user base is massive. It’s the best way that you have to explore your swinging fantasies, whether you’re the couple or the third. Check it out and you’re not going to want to leave it once it starts working for you.

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Alternative Swinger Sites Like KiwiSwingers

I also want to share some of the alternative sites that many people love today. These are swinger dating sites that people use globally, not just within New Zealand. That said, you’ve got a lot of people from NZ using these sites listed below. Check out some of the reviews I’ve shared with you:

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