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iCrushes.com Homepage

iCrushes.com Mobile Review: Redirect Makes It Worse (Full Report)

I reviewed iCrushes after using it for a month. I’m sharing my final results upfront to save you time and money. If you’re considering joining – DON’T. It doesn’t work and won’t help you hook up. It will cost you a bunch of money and lead you nowhere. You’ve been warned…

I have been sharing my personal dating app reviews for a while and I have seen every type of site and/or mobile app that you can think of. Sadly, most of them are worthless and even fraudulent in my opinion. It takes some research to find one that is decent and genuine. I checked out the casual dating site known as iCrushes.com to see if it was an effective option.

I waste no time trying to determine if a site is great for hookups or if it is just a fraud. I didn’t see any glaring signs on the first page. A collage of photos of supposedly “real users” pops up on the screen one at a time. I remained optimistic because I can usually spot bullshit almost immediately. A lot of fake sites belong to networks and they all have the same look and layout.

Guess what, this one was different. However, the look turned out to be the main different thing. There were a few things that I liked about the site many I disliked. I’ll share everything below in this complete review now.

iCrushes.com Homepage

iCrushes Review (Full Overview)

To join for free, you enter your e-mail address, password, and birth date. With that small amount of info, you are already in. But, wait. You are suddenly not on iCrushes.com anymore. You have now been redirected to a site called XPersonals.com. Any site that immediately redirects you to another site when you register cannot be trusted.

First Impression – It’s Not Free

The first thing I noticed was a bunch of galleries missing pictures and a bunch of banner ads. If I arrive at a site that has a lot of missing pictures and banner ads, it better be free to make it worth it.

I was frustrated when I clicked on a profile and a window popped up that made me think that a hot girl was writing me. What I did was take a closer look and realize that it was just another pop-up ad. I tried to send the girl a message and that’s when I found out that you cannot use the site for free.

Upgrade Options

You only have 2 choices to upgrade. These prices are XPersonals prices because iCrushes.com doesn’t exist and this is where you are directed to. Not only is it not the site you signed up for; it’s expensive at $34.95 a month. That would be a bit much, even if the site had any real women on it.

The only way to save money is to purchase 3 months for $70.26, which comes out to $23.42 a month. After the 3 months, your membership is renewed at $34.95 a month.

It’s set up like a personal page, which you can usually browse for free. Why would you pay such a high price for such a generic site that is set up exactly like a free site?

The Terms Are Shady AF

The final piece of evidence of fraudulent practices came when I checked out their terms and conditions page. This is where I found one of the most common terms used among bogus dating sites. That term is “Online Flirt.”

Just like Fantasy Cuties and Online Cupid, it’s a term that they describe as fantasy profiles created by the site. Automated computer programs are used to send you messages from these profiles in an attempt to get you to pay for their services.

A lot of men pay because they are tempted to pay to continue to correspond with these women who don’t exist. They tell you that they create these profiles to enhance your experience.

Honestly, I am not amused by any site that uses methods like this to fool its members. I hope this review helped shed some light on this site and the many other sites that use these same tactics to take your money.

Conclusion: iCrushes Mobile Site Likely Won’t Help You Meet For Sex

I’ve been using so many dating sites I can barely keep track of them all. One thing that I must tell you is that iCrushes.com isn’t your best option if you are looking to use the best of the best in terms of mobile dating sites. My suggestion would be to try this one over all others before joining a ton.

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