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HitWe Review

HitWe is a modern adult dating site that calls itself a “social discovery website” for meeting new people. It is available in English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and French. They claim that there are millions of people from all over the world having fun and meeting on their site, but I had my doubts upon seeing such a bold claim from a site I had never heard of.

It had a nice look, so I registered and checked it out for myself. What I found was just another dating site with smoke and mirrors to make you think it’s legit, but you don’t get any real results. Check out my full review of HitWe, see what happened when I got inside this network, and whether or not it’s worth your time.

Hitwe Review

My Personal Review of Hit We

You have the choice of signing into HitWe quicker with your Facebook or Google account. I always prefer to enter my info manually because I don’t want my social media connected if it doesn’t turn out to be a good dating site. You enter your full name, e-mail address, sex, and age. I did not like the next step at all. You are forced to give your telephone number. I have never seen a dating site that required that you enter your telephone number, so I did not trust it when this one did. You can’t even go back to the site and browse until you enter your number. This was not a good sign. I did some further investigating and realized that my suspicions were correct. This is not even a real dating, for the most part.

What’s The Price?

The first thing I found out is that the Hitwe site is definitely not free. It’s a bit cheaper than other online dating sites, but it doesn’t matter how much money it costs when they don’t provide a genuine dating experience. A one-day trial membership is $0.99, but that is just a tactic to pull you in.

You receive a bunch of fake messages the entire day trying to get you to stay on until you are charged for a full month. A 7-day trial is available for $7.00, but that is just more of the same thing. The monthly membership charge is $15.00 You get a discount off the membership price when you purchase a full year for $98.55, which comes out less than $9 a month.

User Interface/Experience

The only thing this site really has going for it is a sleek and professional layout. It looks nice and functions well, but they are too busy trying to deceive you and you never get a chance to find any real women. I’m sure there are some real women on the site somewhere but I was never able to find any.

I can recognize quickly when a message is fake and I filtered through quite a few. I was rarely fooled, but the few that I thought were real at first, turned out to be bots. One of them might have been real, but she was either an employee of the site or an independent scammer trying to get me to go to their site and pay money.

Final Verdict HitWe

When you join a site and you begin receiving messages from hot women before you even upload a photo, it is probably fake. That is exactly what happens on HitWe. Far too many profiles are too good to be true and when you message them, you see that they are. This is just another site that uses pictures of models and ones they have taken off the other sites on their network and uses them to deceive you. Don’t let this deceive you one bit. This site shows almost no signs of being legitimate. In fact, if I were you and I were to join this site, there’s nothing that would prevent me from asking for my money back. It’s that bad of an online dating experience.

Now, for those looking for something more impressive that can actually help you accomplish something, then might I suggest you check out this site instead here. Sure, it’s a bit more aggressive but I promise that it will help you get more action that much quicker!


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