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Fuckzer Review: Another Redirect Scam Using Love Stars

Sometimes there’s not much that we can say about these so-called casual sex websites. There are just far too many that don’t make the cut. I can tell you right now that Fuckzer is one of the bad ones. They want you to think that it’s a site for connecting with people willing to cheat, but it’s nothing of the sort. Keep your expectations low because what I’m about to reveal will tell it all.

fuckzer review

The Facts About Fuckzer (REVIEW)

Hearing the site name, you’d think that you’d be getting laid in a matter of minutes. It’s almost implied, right? I felt the same exact way when I heard the name, but I’ll tell you right now, the only thing that’s guaranteed when using this site is that you will not be joining Fuckzer.com


Well, the URL and website exist, but there’s nothing else to it, really. When you head on over to this so-called hookup site, you come across a website that provides very little information, if any at all. I’m talking about a white page with some basic text that says enter site, that’s it.

The owner mentions that by clicking the ENTER button that you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions, and that you’re confirming that you’re 18 years of age.

The problem I have with this is that you’re not entering the Fuckzer.com website. Instead, you’re sent elsewhere. Yes – It’s deceptive and unethical IMO. Find out why…

Redirects To A Bad Network

When you click that Enter button, you’re immediately redirected to a site called Instacheaters.com. While the girls on the site look absolutely amazing, it’s 100% for show and nothing more. You’ll see topless hotties snapping selfies asking for sex.

Along with that, you’ll be presented with the photos in a manner which leads you to believe that there are 500+ women in the local area. Trust me, these women do not live nearby and they are not willing to fuck you.

There’s a big blue button that reads, “YES” if you want to view their profiles. The only problem is that their online dating profiles don’t exist and that they are not really a part of the network.

I clicked the yes button to walk you through the entire process and show you the scam they have in place. Keep reading below as I outline the entire process and reveal everything that they do to consumers.

Once you get into the Fuckzer registration process, they present you with a bunch of questions, basically asking if you are seeking a man or woman etc. Pretty basic questions really.

fuckzer instacheaters scam 1

Then they’ll hit you with the birthday question. Again, the girls on this page are not real members.

Next, they will come right out and ask what you’re looking for. They want to know whether you’re interested in having a one night stand, fuck buddy, or a long-standing discreet affair. Whichever choice you make doesn’t make any difference at all. It’s just for shits and giggles, making you think that you’re making impactful choices. All of which leads you to the same place.

You’ll then be prompted to create a username and password to access the site.

Then they want your phone number and email address. You also need to agree to the terms. This is where it gets pretty shady. See, the Instacheaters site incorporates the use of Love Stars. These love stars are not real women. They are fake profiles which the site has created.

Once you’re registered for the site, these fake profiles start sending an insane amount of messages to you. They want you to think that you’re going to be able to communicate with the girls and eventually hook up with them.

That will NEVER happen though, I promise you that much!

There are other sites that use these fake love stars and good news for you is that I’m exposing them here today too. Stay away from FuckSwipe, BBWCheaters, and CheekyLovers.

Conclusion: Fuckzer Leads You Nowhere Good

Based on what I know, I can confidently say that Fuckzer.com does nothing good for you. It’s leading you in the wrong direction and it’s most likely not going to do anything good for you other than squeeze money out of your wallet. Avoid Fuckzer as well as Instacheaters if you know what’s good for you. If you’re looking for an instant-sex experience or a quick bang, then just join the Instabang network. You’ll find that I’ve listed as a top site below in my “best of” list.

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