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FreeLifetimeCheaters Review: Nothing Free, Just A Huge Scam!

I hate coming across so many of these “free lifetime” sites, but when I do, there’s no way in hell that I’m not going to out each one. This time it’s the FreelifetimeCheaters.com site that I stumbled upon. Keep reading as I share everything about this site and many of the other free lifetime sites e.g. Freelifetimebangnow.com so you know what to expect each and every time!

Freelifetimecheaters screenshot

My Review of FreeLifetimeCheaters.com

It still amazes me that people, men, in particular, join dating sites that have names that are just too good to be true. I mean, does anyone truly believe that if they join a site that calls itself “Free” somewhere in the name, you’ll actually get laid? Well, I guess there are still men who do think it’s possible because these sites have huge numbers of men joining and trying to find women.

Look, I don’t want to be mean, but it’s time to “out” these adult dating sites and make sure that anyone who is a little lonely and desperate doesn’t get hooked by their false promises. So, when I saw a site called FreeLifetimeCheaters.com, I thought, “Surely nobody is joining this site.”

I was wrong.

Not only do men join this site, but there are also many of them doing so in the hopes of finding an easy piece of tail for free. I’m here to tell you that not only is the site not free, but you’re never going to find a legit woman on that site.

How do I know? Let me give you the total lowdown on the scam tactics that FreeLifetimeCheaters.com uses and hopefully, you can avoid losing money and having a big old frustration headache.

3 Reasons Why FreeLifetimeCheaters.com is a Fraud

Before I delve into the reasons why you should completely avoid this site, let me give you a huge bit of advice for any dating site you are using. For the love of God, please read the terms and conditions of the site.

I know they’re boring. I know it takes some time to read through them. And, I know they are full of legal jargon that is a touch confusing.

But, every single thing a dating site does, can do, and will do to its members is listed in those terms and conditions. They have to do this so they don’t get sued by someone who gets pissed off when they don’t get laid or they get charged for things they didn’t remember agreeing to.

Truthfully, the terms and conditions are the absolute best way to ensure that you’re joining a site that is worth your time.

Ok, I’m off my soapbox. Here are the three reasons why FreeLifetimeCheaters.com is a total fraud.

  1. The Site Is Certainly Not Free.

If you join FreeLifetimeCheaters.com, you’re going to be bombarded with the message that they’re free over and over and over again. It’s rather obnoxious, especially since it’s not true. Once you join, you’re going to be hit with some B.S. screen saying they need your credit card information to ensure that you’re over the age of 18.


This is a practice that is done by all shady dating sites and is nothing more than a way to charge your credit card for whatever they want. Once the site has your credit card information, you pretty much agree to a recurring monthly fee.

Here’s what they charge:

Premium Membership

  • 3-day trial: $2.97
  • 1-month subscription: $29.95
  • 3-month subscription: $74.85
  • 6-month subscription: $119.70

Gold Membership

  • 1-month recurring membership: $49.95

VIP Membership

  • #1 bonus site monthly subscription: $39.61
  • #2 bonus site monthly subscription: $28.87

I don’t know about you, but those are some extreme prices and you don’t even get anything for it! Why would you waste your hard-earned money on something like that? I know I wouldn’t.

  1. Fake messages will bombard you.

Once you join FreeLifetimeCheaters.com, you’re going to be hit hard with messages from seemingly horny, sexy women which you can’t read. You’ll only be shown the subject line, which is a tease, and unless you join as a paid member, you can’t read anything.

Trust me, though, you’re not missing a thing by not reading these messages. The site recognizes that you’ve joined and sends out automatic messages to every single guy that joins trying to get them to update their membership level. It’s not only super annoying, it’s deceitful.

Here is what the terms and conditions of FreeLifetimeCheaters.com read as:

Our LS work for the site in an effort to stimulate dialogue with users and to stimulate user participation on the Website and Services. You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, LS may contact Website and Services users and members via electronic messaging, including for example, email, instant messages, and SMS.

Those things called “LS” are Love Stars or fake profiles. This leads me to issue number three.

  1. Fake dating profiles, AKA “Love Stars”.

If you’ve ever joined a dating site and noticed that the women all seem to be really hot, or they’re very interested in talking to you, but never meeting, then you, my friend, have dealt with fake profiles, or as many dating sites call them, Love Stars.

Love Stars are profiles that are completely fabricated by the dating site to make it seem like there are real women on the site. Trust me, no woman joins a site called FreeLifetimeCheaters.com. But, I digress.

Love Star profiles will have pictures, some can even be explicit, a full profile, and a person behind it wanting to talk to you. The conversations can get full-on steamy and X-rated, but once you try to take things to the real world, she’s going to have a boatload of excuses as to why you can’t meet.

You see, Love Stars are either really well-done bots or they’re paid employees who are talking to you as if it’s their job – because it probably is. Hell, they don’t even have to really be female. They’re a persona and that’s it.

If you’re the type of person that wants to pay for conversation, then you’ll love FreeLifetimeCheaters. Otherwise, if you see any site using fake profiles, you need to avoid joining.

Final Thoughts

I hate when people get scammed, especially when they don’t even suspect that it could be happening. FreeLifetimeCheaters.com is a site that makes no bones about taking your money under the guise of getting you laid. They play on your emotions and to me, that is a dickhead move.

Look, you’re going to do what you want and maybe you need to make a mistake or two to realize that a lot of these dating sites are fakes and just out to get your money. But, if I can save one guy from getting scammed, I have done my duty. Good luck out there!

Look, if you’re looking to just smash and not have to deal with all the bullshit that comes along with these free lifetime sites, then you need to give my top sex apps a shot. Try at least one of them and see what happens.

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