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Freehookups.com Review: Real Free Hookup Site

Overview: This is my review of Freehookups.com in 2023. I’ve used a lot of dating sites and this one is no exception to the rule. Find out everything I know about it and if you can truly get laid. My Freehookups review is detailed, full of information, and a must-read for all!

All you have to do is visit Freehookups.com to see that this site is of high quality. The very interactive, very specific site is basically a masterpiece that’s there to help get you laid whether you are a man, a woman, or a couple. I joined this website out of pure curiosity and was so glad that I did.

If you’re looking for a place to just connect with people that want to do nothing more but a free hookup then you’ve come to the right place. Don’t be afraid to be kinky here and leave your inhibitions at the door. FreeHookups just might give you everything you’ve been looking for.

Free Hookup site review

Free Hookup Membership

My Experience Using This Free Hookup Site

The Details

For starters, when you first visit the site, Jesse Jane is standing there looking perfect on your screen and talking to you as you enter the site.

That is just the beginning of the fun. She literally guides you through the entire signup process helping you get things set up. It’s important that you do this as accurately as possible to increase your chances of getting laid.

The Search

By the time you make it into the site and you’re ready to start searching if you recall everything you like was determined when you joined the site so there’s no need to adjust anything.

This makes the search function that much easier and custom tailors your results to girls well-matched up to you that you will think are hot.

When I did the search, I was able to find over 1,000+ girls within an hour of me who wanted exactly what I did. Just to see what type of results I would get if I adjusted things and they were still really good. To be quite honest, I actually had more results than I thought I would.


I had tried other free dating sites and I did have some luck with them up to date but this one is pretty great, especially when it comes to messaging. In fact, this site was a whole different story. It took a little over 3 hours of browsing the site but I found a girl. She was thin, and busty, had long black hair and her skin was soft.

I messaged her first just letting her know that I thought she was absolutely stunning and softly asked if she’d like to grab a drink or coffee one day. She replied and we both hit it off well; we started messaging each other here and there throughout the day.

It turns out that she didn’t actually have a lot of guys message her she said. This is probably due to the fact that most guys think that all the hot girls are busy and taken already or they haven’t got a shot. Go after anyone you want to hook up with because that’s what they are there for!

Anyway, I became friends with her through messaging right away, but there was always some form of flirting throughout all of our interactions.

Phone Conversations

The phone conversations went much the same way as the messaging. We both talked to her at first, trying to determine whether this was going to be something we each wanted to pursue in person.

We had a lot of fun just talking and flirting on the phone. I got the courage to ask her to meet up and she gladly accepted.

The First Meetup

It was time for my first free hookup meetup using this site. We agreed to meet at a local bar that hosts a comedy night. We saw a few comedians and laughed a lot.

I certainly had my share of drinks that evening because I was courageous enough to ask her to go back to my place with me. We went to my place and had a couple of other drinks. That was all she needed. She then started getting really touchy with me. I could tell she was getting hot and horny!

As I sat on the couch with her having some drinks. I soon realized we were both a little buzzed and our inhibitions were let down a little bit; we started making out. Before I knew it; we moved the party to the bedroom and I found myself pleasing this hot local girl. Yes, I had sex with her. I actually had sex with her three times after that. She was money!

Other Girls

There have been some other girls I talked to since that first one and I have even hooked up on a couple of other occasions. I couldn’t believe I found the perfect girl on my first free hookup date. The good news is, I have some extra time these days and I intend on spending more time online looking for another free hookup here. I can say for certain that I do like this site.


I figured I’d share some things that I think are really great about the site and why it’s a winner in my book as far as hooking up is concerned. The professional look and interactive layout of the site are top-of-the-line and make for a pleasant online experience. The quality of the site has been verified by mentions on TMZ, Playboy, and Howard Stern.

If that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. The video chat is spot on with an “On Cam” section where you can video chat with other members. It’s free to sign up, which is probably why it’s called FreeHookups.com.

Lastly, there are multiple filters to use when browsing through member profiles. I should also mention that there are multiple ways to become a member and each premium package comes with impressive features for the price.


It’s fairly new compared to other free hookup websites, but it has grown by leaps and bounds. If you get results, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been around.

Final Thought: The Free Hookups Dating Site Worked For Me!

If you are looking for a free hookup site; this is one of the newest and most effective hookup sites on the internet. Its sleek and eye-catching layout is catching the eyes of thousands of unique users a day.

This is a great site to become a member of because it’s only going to get bigger and that means more opportunities for you to hook up with some horny locals nearby. Go find a free hookup today and I guarantee that you will get laid this week.

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