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Free Hookup Search Review: Fake Dating Profiles & Messages So Stay Away!

Have you heard of Free Hookup Search? Well, if you have and you’re thinking of joining, you best damn well read this first. Actually, I’m going to come right out and say it. If a hookup site says it’s free, you should immediately be suspicious. A legitimate hookup site will almost always state their price clearly and give you what you pay for. Sites like Free Hookup Search lure you in with a promise of being free then charge you more than most other sites in a dishonest way. These are the worst type of dating sites that I have encountered. Making the mistake of messing around with this site could end up costing you a lot of money.

free hookup search homepage

I am familiar with dishonest sites like this, so I was very careful and I did not stick around long enough to enter my credit card information. The good news is that I go into detail in this review for you.

I’m not afraid to tell you exactly  how much it will cost you when you make the mistake of joining. I did stick around long enough to investigate and I found plenty of evidence to pass on to you in my full review below.

free hookup search site

My Free Hookup Search Personal Review

The first piece of evidence that FreeHookupSearch.com is not a legitimate site is on the front page before you even sign up. Right below the button you hit to enter the site, there is a bunch of text that looks like a disclaimer.

If you will scroll down, you will see the evidence tucked in the middle between all the disclaimers. It says that the site uses fantasy or virtual profiles that are operated by the website and they communicate with you for promotional purposes. I can’t tell you how fucking pissed that makes me.

Photos Not Members

The site also states that people in the photographs on any page of the site may not me actual members. In fact, they may not live in the area that is indicated. A legitimate site is not going to try to fool you with fake profiles and fake messages. The sad thing is; this is the least of the problems with this site.

Too Pricey For Nothing

Let’s consider the main reason that you should not even try to sign up for the site Free Hookup Search, the price. The site itself is almost 40 bucks a month to be able to communicate with members who are probably fake.

They charge you dishonestly andprompt you to enter your credit card information to verify your age. They prompt you to upgrade for free and you are charge the almost $40.00 per a membership fee.

You’re Buying Porn

On top of that you will be charged for two porn sites that are over $30.00 each. That literally puts your total charges over $100 without your knowledge. That is reason enough to avoid this site at all costs.

My Experience

I tried FreeHookupSearch.com, but I did not get very far without being prompted to give my credit card information. That’s when I investigated and found out how much they charged for both the site membership and membership to two other porn sites you didn’t ask for as well. This is pretty expensive just to watch porn that you can get much cheaper elsewhere.

I browsed the site and found more evidence like there being nothing but gorgeous women that look like models in my area looking to hook up. They should be a little less obvious and mix some regular girls in there.

My inbox was flooded with messages that I had to have a membership to respond to and those girls were gorgeous and looked like models too. None of them looked even remotely genuine. I cut my losses and got out. I realized that this site is a big waste of time and money.


You can create a profile and browse other members for free. However, you are not allowed to communicate with these girls until you pay. Mobile support allows you to connect with your PC, tablet or cell phone. Everything else is pretty standard and you’ll see pretty much the same thing on any dating site you go to. You can customize your search, but that doesn’t do much good if there are no real women on the site to search for.

Company Information

Here’s some of the company information that you might need if you joined the site.

42 Dositheou
2028 Nicosia



Conclusion: Free Hookup Search Isn’t A Real Dating Site

Simply put; sites like Free Hookup Search are the worst kind of dating sites that you can get involved with. They are unscrupulous from the beginning and admit to using bogus profiles and sending fake messages for promotional purposes.

They claim to be free, but they ask you for your credit card information. Once they have your credit card info, they charge you over $100 a month. The worst part, the charges are recurring until you cancel them. It’s not worth paying that much money just to interact with computer generated messages and false profiles.

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