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flirtlocal reviews

Flirtlocal Website Review Reveals The Rip Off!

I took a deep look into the site Flirtlocal.com to determine if this was a typical dating scam. I did this for a friend of mine that asked me about the site. They thought it looked good for flirting with girls to have sex with. However, I wasn’t going to let him join without investigating things. Find out if this site uses typical scam tactics to persuade their users.

Flirtlocal reviews

flirtlocal reviews

My FlirtLocal.com Investigation (Scam Revealed)

Some sites are created to straight up cheat people. I’m talking about the people looking to flirt with local people and possibly hook up with them. I’m not going to beat around the bush at all here. Instead, I’ll explain exactly why I think the Flirt Local mobile site is a scam.

Flirt Local Details

There are a few things about Flirtlocal that you need to know about. For starters, the site is filled with fake profiles. I’m talking thousands of fake profiles of people that you think you can flirt locally with but they don’t even exist. Just wait, though, it gets much worse.

These profiles that have been created by the site operators actually communicate with you. They do so by sending computer-generated messages to real users. The messages are automated to make you think that you’re chatting with some local girl that wants to have sex. However, truth be told, you’re chatting with yourself and a computer script. It’s complete bullshit.

Getting Contacted

You might ask yourself, are there any real women on this site? Well, the answer to the question is, probably yes. However, you really will have no idea unless you physically meet up with someone. I joined the site myself and determined that the messages were pretty much basic chat messages that I received. They were certainly the types of message that could’ve been sent by a bot.

Since I never met with any of the girls, I can’t say that I believe that any of the messages were real. In fact, I’d have to guess that 95% o the messages were fake. Heck, I didn’t even get to have a video chat with any girls. That’s just how bad this site really is.

Company Admits To Using Fake Profiles

If you look closely at the terms and conditions of this site, you’ll notice that Flirt Local mentions that they hire employees to communicate with members. They also specifically state that you may, in fact, encounter some profiles that are totally fake.

By “total fakes” they are referring to everything about the profile including the communication and motives. They even go as far to state that the real people that you might meet on the site could be imposters! How’s that for dating services! LOL, what a joke, right!

What’s The Cost?

The site claims to be 100% free but that’s not entirely true. Basically, the site wants you to pay them money to communicate with fake people. The cost to become a premium member isn’t cheap either.

If you want to subscribe for 6 months, then it’s going to cost you $119.88. I should also mention that if you don’t cancel, you’ll be charged again for another 6 months. Yes, this is somewhat standard but it’s worth mentioning giving that they scam people so badly.

Conclusion: The Flirt Local Website Is A HUGE SCAM. Run away!

I’m sure all the people that lost money after joining this site are wishing that they read my review. This might be the worst flirt local dating site I’ve ever come across since I started sex dating. If you’re thinking about joining still then I suggest you read some of the other reviews that are on the Internet. Your best is to not think about joining this site ever again.

But how do I get laid now?

If you think Flirt Local is the only casual dating site that exists then you’re crazy. I’ve got a list of the top hookup sites that I’ve used and I’m going to share them with you right now. Join one of these instead and you’ll have much better luck!

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