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Flirtic Review

Flirtic Review – Can You Find A Flirting Partner?

Summary: My Flirtic review explains all the features, advantages, disadvantages, paid add-ons, membership plans, payment options, how to cancel, and more. Most importantly, this will explain whether or not this is worth joining. If you’re looking to get laid fast, then skip this and just join my favorite network – right here. You’ll find plenty of horny people looking to flirt there!

Flirtic, a dating website falling under the Personals category, welcomes individuals with various sexual orientations, including straight, gay, and lesbian. Established in 2004, the platform boasts a long-standing history of 19 years. One notable aspect of Flirtic is that its front page does not display adult images, creating a more inclusive and user-friendly environment.

Additionally, Flirtic is part of a network of dating sites owned by the same company. Each site within the network is customized to cater to specific countries and languages, enhancing the user experience and accommodating diverse preferences.

Flirtic Review

My Flirtic Review (Details)

Flirtic highlights its focus on personal connections and relationships. By embracing individuals with different sexual orientations, the platform encourages a welcoming and inclusive environment for all users.

Whether you identify as straight, gay, or lesbian, Flirtic aims to provide a space where you can explore potential matches and connect with like-minded individuals.

With its establishment in 2004, Flirtic.com has accumulated 19 years of experience in the online dating industry. This longevity suggests a level of trust and reliability, as the platform has successfully facilitated connections and relationships over the years.


Flirtic Website: Exploring Search Options and Interactive Features

The Flirtic website offers users a range of search criteria to refine their dating preferences. The basic search options include:

  • Gender: Users can select their desired gender to find matches that align with their preferences.
  • Age: The age parameter allows users to search for individuals within a specific age range, ensuring compatibility in terms of life stages and interests.
  • With Photo Only: This feature allows users to filter their search results to display profiles with accompanying photos, giving a visual representation of potential matches.
  • Online Now: By selecting this option, users can find individuals who are currently active on the platform, increasing the likelihood of immediate interactions and responses.

In addition to the basic search criteria, Flirtic offers extended searches that utilize more specialized filters. These advanced search options allow users to tailor their search parameters to specific preferences, such as hobbies, interests, and relationship goals.


  • Mobile App
  • Live-Chat
  • The site is well established
  • Can report spam profiles
  • Profiles are private


  • No proof of identity verification
  • No anonymous payment methods

Flirtic: Optional Paid Add-Ons for Enhanced Features

Flirtic offers paid add-ons on its site, which provide users with additional features and benefits. However, it’s important to note that these add-ons are not required to enjoy the site’s basic functionality, including messaging and communication. Let’s explore the available membership plans and payment options on Flirtic:

Membership Plans

VIP Membership Flirtic offers VIP Membership plans with different durations to cater to users’ preferences. These plans are recurring, meaning that users will be billed automatically unless they choose to cancel. The available options include:

  • 7 Days: For 7 days, users can access the enhanced features of VIP Membership. The cost for this plan is $3.70.
  • 30 Days: The 30-day VIP Membership plan grants users an extended period of enhanced features. It is available at $9.01.
  • 1 Year: Users seeking a long-term VIP experience can opt for the 1-year plan, which provides access to premium features for a full year. The cost for this plan is $56.89.

Payment Options

Flirtic offers multiple payment options for users’ convenience. Users can choose from the following payment methods to subscribe to the VIP Membership plans:

  • Credit Card: Users can securely make payments for the chosen VIP Membership plan using their credit card details. Flirtic ensures a safe and encrypted transaction process.
  • PayPal: For those who prefer using PayPal as their payment method, Flirtic supports this widely-used online payment platform for seamless and convenient transactions.
  • OKPAY: Flirtic also provides the option to pay for the VIP Membership plans through OKPAY, a trusted online payment system.
  • Coin Plans: While Flirtic offers VIP Membership plans, there are no specific Coin Plans available on the site. Users primarily engage with the VIP Membership options to unlock additional features and enjoy an enhanced dating experience.

Cancellation Policy: How to Cancel Flirtic Membership

If you have opted for a premium membership on Flirtic and decide to cancel it, it’s essential to understand the cancellation process. Flirtic provides users with the convenience of canceling their recurring membership online.

Fake Prevention Measures on Flirtic

Flirtic aims to maintain a secure and authentic community for its users. While it allows users to create an account without confirming their email address, this approach may result in a higher number of fake profiles.

However, Flirtic provides mechanisms for users to report suspicious or potentially fake accounts for further investigation. Looking to avoid fake profiles? If so, you won’t find any fakes on this site here.


Flirtic provides a playful and engaging platform for individuals seeking to flirt, connect, and potentially find love or companionship.

With its user-friendly interface, match discovery features, emphasis on user safety, and a range of membership options, Flirtic strives to create an enjoyable and secure environment for users to explore their flirting potential.

Remember to exercise caution, respect others’ boundaries, and enjoy the process of flirting and connecting with like-minded individuals.

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