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Fdating Review: Zero U.S. Women So No Chances Of Hooking Up EVER!

If you spend even just a few minutes of your time browsing for the top 100 free dating sites, there is a good chance that you’ll eventually come across FDating. However, what I don’t want you to do now is stop reading this and start searching for free dating sites on the Internet. If you want a list of the best, I’ve already done the legwork for you right here.

Let me get back to the topic at hand, fdating.com…

For those that might come across this site in the future, I want you to know that you’ve officially been warned. I can say without a single doubt in my mind that the fdating.com site is not worth your time and for a ton of reasons. That holds especially true if you are living in the United States.

Fdating Review

My Fdating Review (Spoiler Alert – It Sucks Big Time)

I’m going to go ahead and provide a quick rundown of everything I learned while testing this site out. There’s a strong chance that you will not end up wanting to join fdating, just saying! Now, let’s get down to business here.

Here’s What’s Important:

– The Women
– The Terms
– The Support
– The Look/Feel
– The Success Rate

No Ladies From U.S.

I’m going to start with the women. Unless you’re a fan of Latvian women, Moroccan women, Romanian women, Polish women, or Philippine women, then you’ll likely find none that appeal to you.

A simple “once over” on the homepage leads me to believe that there are zero girls from the United States using this site. I mean literally not a single user that seems to be from the U.S. yet they are willing to promote and market themselves as being a major player in the country. I can’t help but think this is nothing more than a huge lie. In fact, when I attempted to connect with the girls on the site, it was like I was communicating with a brick wall.

Speaking of women, one thing for sure makes it difficult to hook up and that’s when there are no women online. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the site only as “224 women online.” How in the hell is anyone supposed to get laid with such a small pool of women at their disposal? It makes it damn near impossible to meet someone.

Terms WTF

Moving on to the terms, I’ve got lots to say about this. If you look at section 9 of the terms it states that “You agree not to use FDating.com for your own benefit.” Isn’t the whole point of joining this free dating site to meet someone and bang them for free? Is that not a personal benefit of joining and dating online? I’m so confused I don’t know where to start. The rest of the terms just bring up violence, hate, and other legal issues to cover their own asses. By the way, my guess is that they do not really care about you or your well being. All they care about is you registering and them not getting sued.

Support Is Garbage

You know a site is garbage when it doesn’t provide any real contact info to obtain support. Go ahead and click on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom and you’ll know what I’m referring to. They have 7 questions that they answer and a contact form from the 1990s if you find it. Don’t bother filling it out because it’s probably going to bounce back to you.

Fdating Support

It Looks Old AF

Fdating.com looks extremely old and run down. The site looks almost as bad as the POF.com site once looked. They’ve since stepped their game up big time. Fdating, on the other hand, has done nothing to improve their look or feel at least at the date of this review. The site isn’t very mobile friendly either.

The site is peppered with banner ads all over the place. This is most likely why the site is free. Just remember that free does mean it’s awesome.

Can You Successfully Hook Up?

My success rate was everything but successful. I did not end up meeting anyone on this site. Since it’s a free stale-looking site most users have abandoned accounts and have sought other hook up avenues. My advice to you is to do just the same. You’ll be glad that you did, so long as you pursue one of the sites I use or better yet, one of the iPhone apps I use for sex.

Conclusion: FDating.com Is Antiquated And Outdated

There’s not a chance in hell that you’re going to meet a local girl in your city or town using this site. With less than 75,000 female members worldwide, there’s a good chance you’re the only one in your city using this. Stay away from it unless you want to waste time and get nowhere.

One thing I like to do when I share a shady or half-ass dating site, I like to make you aware of some of the other sites to avoid, just in case you come across them.

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Now that I got the shady stuff out of the way, back to what matters most, getting lucky! If you want to meet local girls looking to casually date, then you need to join a premium network. Any other approach is a complete waste of time. Here’s my list of the all-time best that I’ve used.

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