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Does Swingtowns Really Work? Here Are My Thoughts…

I registered and used Swingtowns for a long time, well, long enough time to know if it sucks or not. I’ve provided all my findings below in the review. Please check it out before using it and definitely before upgrading. 

Some people out there are known for going against the grain when it comes to traditional dating. Many of them opt for something a bit more exciting by swapping sex partners. That’s where Swingtowns comes into play.

The infamous question that people ask over and over is, “Does Swingtowns really work?” Well, I put this site to the test in order to determine if it really delivers. If you’re trying to live the local swinger lifestyle and simple have a nsa relationship, then you might want to read this and find out what I’ve got to say about it.

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Find Out If Swingtowns.com Is Truly Swinger Paradise (My Review)

Before I get into my personal experience using the site, I’ll give you a rundown of some site details that you’ll want to know about. For starters, the site has roughly 100,000 members based on my research. It’s an international network that has members all over the world. Yes, the site is an active swinger site and community that many people throughout the world use.

The site was established back in 2001 and has been active since then. It’s definitely different from the rest of the swinger sites out there as they offer a lifetime membership option for users wanting to commit to this lifestyle. The majority of the members reside in the US and Canada. Okay, enough about that now let me dive into my personal experience using the site.

Registering For Swingtowns

The registration process was pretty simple on Swingtowns. They don’t require too much information other than the basics. Yes, I’m referring to a username, password, gender selection, and a few answers to some other simple questions.

I’ll tell you right now that this site is not free but it does offer a 7-day trial for free. Most users like myself likely take advantage of this offer as they’ve got nothing to lose.

The Free Features Are Decent

If you decide to simply use the site as a free member, then you’ll have quite a few things that you can do on the site. Although your options are limited, you’ll have the ability to search for members in the local area. You can also view user profiles as well as their pics. This gives you ample opportunity to scope out locals you might be interested in swinging with in the future.

Additionally, you will be able to edit your own profile, upload photos, and do all that type of stuff. The one thing you’ll be restricted from doing is sending instant messages to members. That’s a feature many paid users take full advantage of. Another thing you will not be able to do is to post an ad stating that you’re looking for a swinging partner and you can’t reveal your local contact info unless you pay up.

Paid Members Get It All

As a paid member you’ll have access to more features. This is what Swingtowns refers to as the Gold Status. Anyone with gold status can contact members, ask for their personal info, and do just about anything they want to do. They can reach out to as many swingers on the site as they wish.

If you’re the type that likes to chat on video and use live webcams then you’ll want gold status. The site posts events and allows paid users to post event information as well. This gives you ample opportunity to connect with swingers prior to attending the event. Most apps for dating don’t even hold events, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when making a decision.

If you want to join for just a single month, the cost is $15 and for those looking to obtain a lifetime membership, I believe the price at the time of this review was $50. That’s peanuts in terms of dating membership prices. They actually got a few options in terms of memberships and it’s always changing. Check out the monthly, 6-month, and 12-month member options.

But Does Swingtowns.com Actually Work?

Based on my experience I’d have to say that there’s a decent chance that you might actually get laid using this site. You’ll need to attend one of the local swinger events for the best results. If you’re the type that likes to be social and connect with like-minded people in groups, then this might be for you.

Conclusion: Swingtowns Might Be A Low-Cost Option For You

If you’re not looking to pay a lot of money yet want to connect with swingers, then the Swing Towns site might be for you. However, there’s no way that it’s as effective as using a large dating network.

Given the size, it can only be as effective as it is populated. In the event that you live in an area where not very many members live then you might be out of luck.

If you’re looking for another option that’s more of a guarantee with a much larger network of users then you may wish to read the reviews I’ve shared below.

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