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Datingbuzz Review

DatingBuzz Review: Another South Africa Singles Spot?

Today’s review is for the South African readers out there. I’m covering a niche dating site called DatingBuzz. It’s specifically for singles living in South Africa. I cover everything today from the search function to login process and more. But before you jump into Datingbuzz.co.za, be sure to check out this review in full because there might be alternative sites similar to this out there too!

Datingbuzz Review

My Official DatingBuzz Review

There’s no better feeling than signing up for a brand-new dating site (I always tell people to start here though) and seeing that it’s filled with people in your area who are ready and willing to meet up with you in real life. That’s why it’s always a great idea to join the dating sites that have already been around for a long time.

It means that they work and that there are always going to be people on it that you can talk to. That’s where a site like DatingBuzz really shines. It’s the perfect place to find someone and you can sign up right now for not a lot of money. You can get yourself onto the site for one month and end up paying just $36.79.

If you want to sign up for longer then you’ll be able to save more and more money. Joining for three months will only end up costing you $70.96.

If you know that you’re going to want to spend even more time on the site, then you can join it for six months. That option is only going to end up running you $105.09.

Finally, you can sign up for an entire year and pay just $165.56.

It’s Been Around For A Long Time

The best sign that the site really works the way it’s supposed to be the fact that it’s been around since 2005. That means that people keep coming back to it over and over again.

That can only mean that it works and that it’s filled with people who are serious about dating. You’re not going to talk to people just to end up wasting your time here.

It’s been around for so long because it can give you the results that it claims and that’s not something that you come across very often.

Public Profiles That Anyone Can See

The one downside of the site is the fact that anyone can see your profile after you sign up. You don’t have to be a member to browse the users but that’s not really a bad thing.

It’s because the site is for dating and not for hooking up. You’re expected to share photos that you could also share on social media and that means that you can use the site anywhere.

You’ll never have to worry about opening it up in public and seeing something that you don’t want anyone else to see.

Easily Close Your Dating Buzz Account

Once you find someone to date on Dating Buzz, it’s very easy to simply shut down your account. There’s a button right at the bottom of the preferences page that’s easy to find. Simply click it and start the process.

All of your information will be deleted from the site’s servers, and no one will be able to find your old profile on it.

It makes it very convenient to use the site, find someone to date, and shut down your account. That’s really how a dating site is supposed to work for you.

Conclusion: Get Onto DatingBuzz.co.za If You’re In South Africa

If you’ve tried other dating sites before, you really need to check out DatingBuzz instead. This is a site that works and that’s why it’s been around for so long.

It’s filled with people who want to date and they never want to waste their time with endless messages back and forth.

They all want to get together with someone and see how it all works out. When you sign up for this site then it most likely be the last dating site that you ever have to sign up for.

Click Here To Check It Out

Sites Like DatingBuzz:

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