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BookofMatches.com: Free Dating Since 2002

I’m here today to give you the most unbiased review on the BookofMatches dating site. For those unfamiliar, this is a free dating website that many local people use in order to hook up with people. That’s their motive but it might not be what they actually end up doing. The BoM site prides itself on being a 100% free dating site. BookofMatches attempts to connect people based on certain attributes and personal characteristics such as habits, lifestyle, religion, physical fitness, smoking, and other things of that nature.

Here is a rundown of everything that I learned about the BookofMatches.com website. After reading about my experiences, you should have a better idea as to whether or not the site is for you.

Bookofmatches Reviews

BookofMatches Network Experience and Personal Investigation

I’m not sugar coating anything here with regards to this site. Here’s what you need to know about things. I’ll kick it off by covering some of the features (whether they are good or bad) just to give you an idea of the things offered. Keep in mind, I’m not going to be giving you a final recommendation until the end of the review.

Offline Browsing – BoM allows users to browse the site even if you do not have an Internet connection. People are able to check you out and see whether or not you’re a member. They can connect with you and send messages. Not a huge “new age” thing, but it’s something.

Forums – The Book of Matches site has a forum section where you can comment, ask questions, post topics, and all that jazz.

Message Alerts – Pretty standard stuff but they offer a message notification option to stay on top of your messaging.

Video Chat (Limited) – The site offers limited video chat to those that have webcams on their desktop or mobile. Both users must have the ability to do so.

Secret Crush – Watch your crush and keep tabs on their activity. Kind of creepy but lots of creeps out there, right.

Blogs – They have a blog in which they write updates on the site providing dating advice etc.

Email – You can see who’s read the emails which you’ve sent.

Personality Tests – Just like eHarmony and OkCupid, this site offers users the option to take personality tests which they use to connect you with other users.

Rating System – If you like rating people using sites, then you’ll like this feature. It’s a basic rating system.

Profile Customization – It’s pretty simple to customize your profiles to stick out a bit more. Does it make a difference? Most likely, NO.

So What’s The Problem?

The main problem with this Book Of Matches website has to do with the quality. Most of the time when a dating website is completely free, it tends to lack the quality and high-end member base that premium sites off. This BoM site is even less effective than Plentyoffish.com and other mega-free dating sites.

There are lots of users that join this site from 2nd and 3rd world countries where users spend day and night looking for someone to rip off.

One major thing you’ll want to know about this site is the fact that it’s filled with older male members more so than any others. This is great news if you’re a mature woman looking for some old man dick, but if you’re a young guy looking for college girls, you are out of luck.

Facts about the site (claims by BoM)

Here are some things that bookofmatchis seems to claim. For starters, they claim that there are lots of users based in the United States. They also claim that the site is 100% free all the time. I personally don’t like free sites because they tend to be filled with tons of tire kickers. While you might get lucky one or two nights, the inconsistency is bothersome at a minimum.

The website design is pretty horrible here at BookofMatches. It’s one of those ugly dating sites that hasn’t been updated in years. I can’t send anywhere to this site and praise the look and feel of it, that’s for damn sure.

One thing I can say that I respect is the fact that they share the customer support email address on the homepage of the site. It’s customercare@bookofmatches.com for those curious. Most sites do not do this.

What About Sex?

Chances of you having sex using this site are slim to none. Having spent thousands of hours scouring free sites, I know just how truly annoying these can really be. Too many “tire kickers” exist that have zero intentions of having sex with users. Instead, they spend time communicating with users, giving them the “run around.”

Conclusion: BookofMatches Isn’t The Best Free Dating Site

If you are looking to connect with someone and you want to use a free dating website, then Bookofmatches might not be the best approach. I’ve spent money using sites and have had much more successful in doing so versus a free dating network. Oh, one thing I most definitely need to let you know about is the fact that BookofMatches actually sends their adult dating users over to a site called InstantHookups. However, I suggest just joining this recently rebranded site instead. It’s literally the same company and network that I use daily.

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