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Blume App Review: The Selfie On Demand Smartphone Verification Dating App

Blume is what most would call a dating or hookup app. It’s been built with the notion that selfies help validate users. Basically, it uses the concept of freshly taken selfies to help users connect and also confirms that the person is who they say they are. Yes, it’s not the typical approach that most smartphone dating apps take but it seems to work for some people.

In fact, this type of “validation” feature is designed to eliminate catfishing and fake profiles. The reason is primarily due to the technology in place, requiring the user to take a selfie at that very moment prior to connecting. This also eliminates the risk of meeting up with a person and realizing that the pictures on their profile are old pics. After all, no one wants to go out with someone and find out that their profile pic is showing one which makes them looked much better than they do today.

The best thing about this app is that it’s free to use so you can have fun without worrying about being charged. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite reached the popularity of apps like my top rated hookup apps. I had much more success using those I’ve ranked as top tier apps, but I did have a small amount of success on Blume. Rather than go through the motions of sharing my entire experience first, let me go over some of the app facts that you need to be familiar with.

blume app review

Joining Blume And Other App Facts

Blume is one of the many new dating apps that makes it very easy and fast to sign up, but you have to use your Facebook account to be verified and be able to use the app. This can be a good thing because it’s yet another safeguard against catfishing. It would be difficult or too much of a hassle for a scammer to create a Facebook profile that does not look suspicious because of lack of friends, pictures, and activity. The bad thing about this is that you are forced to reveal all your personal information that’s associated with your Facebook page. Something most would rather not reveal to strangers while using an app for sex dating.

User Stats

The Blume app is not brand new but relatively new, so it has not had a lot of time to accumulate users that they can brag about. Due to the popularity of selfies, the number of users is climbing, but it hasn’t quite reached a level that makes it highly effective. Success is possible, but this app needs more time on the market to make it an app that is as effective as mobile apps like Fling and the infamous Easy Sex.

Joining Costs

Blume is free to download and free to use. Many apps claim to be free, but this is one app that is 100% free. Literally, no other payment options are even offered on the app. None at all. I am pretty positive that this is bound to change as the app continues to grow in popularity. Until then, you can try it out free of charge, without spending a single penny. All it will cost you is your time.

Specific App Features

The immediate selfie feature is, by far, the best feature of the app. The main screen shows you the users that are nearby by showing you their Facebook profile pictures. You can then secretly like or skip that person. If you both like each other, you are prompted to take a selfie at that moment. Once you take your selfies, each of you has 7 seconds to make your choice or the selfie will disappear. If you choose each other, you can start a chat by swiping left.

Personal Experience

There are quite a few people in my area because I live near a big city, so I expected there to be a lot of users in my area, but there were not that many. I did end up making some connections. One of the connections never went past the chatting stage, but the other one certainly did. I met this really fun and very cute girl who happened to live just a few miles from me. I was walking around town and saw that she was in my vicinity.

We both liked each other’s profiles and we took the selfie. We obviously both liked what we saw and chatted briefly before meeting up at a local bar. We had a few drinks and ended up hooking up back at my place. I can’t complain because I did hook up, but considering the amount of time I spent using it, I should have found many more matches.

Customer Support & Help

Check the Blume site for their terms of service. Look for the “frequently asked questions” section of the site and you’ll find lots of answers to many of your questions. If you have further problems that cannot be answered, visit the contact us page. You’ll be prompted to enter your name and e-mail and choose a subject from a drop down menu then type your message. Support will respond to you via e-mail and likely in a very timely manner.

Conclusion – Blume Is A Fun Selfie App, But Just Not Enough Hooking Up For Me To Continue.

Blume is definitely a decent app for those looking for validity and security. I found it pretty simple to hook up with someone using the app as soon as I found a user in my area. Unfortunately, there are just not that many registered users for me to continue pursuing things. The app has serious potential to become one of the most widely used dating apps on the planet but without the large member base, it’s not a top app in my book. I’d prefer using other sex apps. If you want to check them out, just take a peek below to find out which they are…

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