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bangder.com review

Bangder.com Dating Site Review

Hookup sites are a dime a dozen since they have become so popular and there are more fake ones than there are real ones. Bangder.com is one of those sites that doesn’t even technically exist. What I mean but that is that it’s simply a marketing tactic and nothing more.

You get a few pages with big bold words asking you answer some questions before you are taken to the sign-up form. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t even notice that you are redirected to SwipeFuck.com. Bangder.com is just a landing page, but the site you are actually signing into is SwipeFuck. This is a site with a reputation for being completely fake. I decided to check for myself.

Please note, this current review is of the tactics that Bangder is currently implementing. At any point in time, they can make changes to the Bangder.com site which will likely change the redirect that they’ve got in place.

bangder.com review

What Does Bangder.com Do To Get Your Money?

I’ll kick things off by mentioning that Bangder.com simply gets you to fill out a form and then they redirect you to Swipefuck. This is something that I do not agree with and you should definitely proceed with caution here. Let me break things down for you with regards to the redirect in place.

What You Must Know

It says right on the main page of SwipeFuck.com that the chicks on the site are looking for casual sex and discreet affairs. It also says that you can get laid 100% free for a lifetime. This should have made me anticipate having a great time for free, but I knew better.

I could tell by the layout that this was not an honest dating site. The layout of the main page looks very familiar because I’ve seen the same layout on many other fake dating sites. I gave SwipeFuck the benefit of the doubt and tried it anyway. Here is what I found out.

Real Registration Process (Love Stars Used)

It doesn’t take long to become a member and find out if it’s really free. You start the registration by answering questions like your date of birth and whether you enjoy receiving oral sex or anal sex. You are then asked to choose a display name, enter a password, and a valid e-mail address. Before you click through on this section, read what you are agreeing to before you go to the next step. You will see a term Love Stars.

If you click on this term, you will open their terms and conditions page where it explains what these Love Stars are. They are profiles that are fictitious, models, or bots that are used to stimulate dialogue with users. They say that the purpose is to stimulate dialogue but it’s to simply load the site with profiles to make you think that you can connect with a real person. Never sign in to a dating site that uses the term Love Stars.

Age Verification Process

It only took a few seconds to create a profile so I could sign in and see if there was anything else to this site besides fake profiles. All you have to do is enter a profile headline, say something about yourself, and fill out information like marital status, body type, race, and address. This is when I saw further proof that this is not an honest site besides the Love Stars. You are asked for your credit card number.

They say that this is for age verification and your card will not be charged, but this is a common tactic that dishonest dating sites use. Plus, if you look at the address bar on this page, you will see that you are about to be directed to a porn site called AmateurWetPussy.com. This is never a good thing.

Conclusion: Banger.com Has Teamed Up With SwipeFuck, A Fake Site

One of the most annoying things is how blatantly fake this site is. The moment you sign in, a fake chat window pops up making it look like a very cute chick is asking you to chat. She even goes so far as to call you a loser if you don’t answer.

This is when the chat window freezes and a box pops up saying Gold members only and you must click to upgrade. So much for the 100% free membership. Any membership that tells you that you must enter your credit card information is not a free membership.

Dating Review Update

I’d like to report an update with regards to the Bangder.com website. They’ve since changed the site that they redirect to and they are now working with one that I actually recommend. They are sending people to snapsext as of today and I can actually say that this site is definitely legit.  My suggestion would be to check the site out if you’re looking for a mobile sex app that can accommodate your needs.

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