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Amolatina.com Review: I Got A Login And Immediately Regretted Doing So

AmoLatina.com is a fairly well-known dating site that promises to connect you with beautiful singles from Latina America. You know, like those that are all over Instagram in sexy photos! Some of the most beautiful women in the world are Latinas, so I was excited to try this site. I was even more excited when I saw that the site had a lot of positive reviews online. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a great site. There are many sites that try to improve their online reputation by posting fake positive reviews. I can’t say for sure if this is one of those sites, but it sure seems like it. The experience I had was nowhere close to some of the experiences I read about online. It’s as if they visited another site.

Another attractive thing about the site is that it is set up on a credit based system rather than paying an expensive monthly membership. You should be careful though because these credits can add up quickly and cost you even more than a monthly membership. Check out my full review and my experience on the site below and I will let you know if it lives up to its reputation.

amolatina review

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My Amolatina.com Review And Everything I Thought It Wasn’t

AmoLatina.com might have a good reputation when you initially look at online reviews, but if you look closely at some of the customer reviews; they tell a different story. I read repeatedly how guys would talk to a girl on the site for months and spend hundreds of dollars and would arrange a meeting that the girl never showed up for or canceled at the last minute. It seems that any real girls on the site are just there to make money. They are very flirty until you talk about meeting them in person.

No matter who you are, you are flooded with chat requests the moment that you sign in to the site. This isn’t so important when you pay for a monthly membership, but you have to be cautious about which messages you decide to use credits on. You don’t have the freedom to experiment and find which girls are real. You must pay to find out and that gets really expensive. Check out my full review and experience on the site below and you will see that it’s just not worth the money you spend.

My Experience

I received my first warning sign within minutes of signing up for the site. Sure, I am no spring chicken, but I quickly started receiving chat requests from tons of hot young girls barely over 18. I knew this was too good to be true, but I proceeded anyway and decided to pay as much as I would for a month on a typical membership based site. I purchased 40 credits for $30. That is only 4 messages so I chose wisely. I picked only the girls who looked most authentic and believe me it was hard because almost none of them looked authentic. After these four messages, I was no further than I was when I started and my credits were gone.

I can’t say for sure if this is a legit site, but I saw nothing to make me believe that it was genuine in any way. If so, I might have purchased more credits. I wasn’t about to pay such a high price to send out a bunch more messages when there was no indication that this was a legit site. If you want to spend the money and gamble it away on credits, then feel free. Per my experience; I would have had to spend a lot more money and received nothing more than more hassle, unrealistic connections and girls leading me on so I will pay more money.


The “Call Me” feature is kind of cool because you can hear a voice message from the girl you are interacting with. If you do not understand Spanish you will be provided with a translator for an extra charge. You can chat with girls on live cam and even do a cam share. You can also send them virtual gifts. Another cool feature is subscriptions where you can get photos and videos of girls you are interacting with on a daily or weekly basis. Like many of the features on this site; this is also an extra charge. Remember, when you are on a credit style site, many things will that you would never normally get charged for will cost you credits, not a simple flat rate.


As mentioned before; AmoLatina runs on a credit system. The price of credits depends on how many you buy. The less you buy, the more they will cost each. If you buy 1,000 credits, they cost 40 cents each which come out to about $400. To give you an idea of how many credits you need to use the site; each message that you send or receive costs you 10 credits. That means that every 100 messages will cost you $400. That adds up very quickly.

Company Information

If you want to contact the company then feel free to do so. I’ve provided all the information necessary to do so.


US Address:
Dating Gateways LLC
589 8th Avenue
23rd floor
New York, NY


Conclusion: Avoid Amolatina.com At All Costs Because It Will Not Result In Banging Girls

I’ve been known to date plenty of Latina girls in my day, especially down here in sunny Florida. What I can say is that you’re wasting your time trying to meet someone to fuck on this website. Having said that, I’ve been using a site called Caliente for longer than I can imagine. I suggest that you try that or that you check out some of the dating services I use daily instead.

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