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Woman Accepts $5 and Pringles For Sex Act…Gets Shot

People in Florida are nuts. I just got wind of something that went down and it’s incredible what some hookers will do for money. What’s perhaps scarier is that some of these guys offering women money for services are a few screws too loose.

According to Local 10 and CBS news, a woman was shot by a man after she performed a sex act for good old Abraham Lincoln and a tube of chips.

Yes, I’m talking about tasty Pringles!

This incident all went down at a Shell gas station located on Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville, FL. Apparently, the man was dissatisfied with the sex act and he wanted his $5.00 back along with the Pringles.

Cans of Pringles

I’m not exactly sure what happened but I can paint a pretty picture for you.

The woman was obviously a crackhead or drug addict that was desperate for money. She needed that $5 spot (like you read about) and those Pringles were making her salivate.

So, doing what any businessman would do that typically sleeps with crackheads, he offered her a deal that she simply couldn’t refuse.

I mean, those pizza flavored Pringles are fire! So, I get why she took the man up on his offer.

One thing led to another and the guy either got disgusted or she wasn’t as exceptional as he had anticipated. Unfortunately, there was no review which he could quickly reference for service quality verification. Plus, most of the girls posting on a “review” site showcasing a list of working girls are fake.

Lacking the satisfactory he demanded, the man asked for a refund. He wanted his $5.00 back along with the delicious potato chips.

Her policy was quite simple – NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES.

Well, the guy took it upon himself to shoot her, take his money and Pringles and skedaddle on outta here.

She’s still alive and resting in the local hospital. I’m just hoping that the hospital workers don’t try and take advantage of her through food enticement and Abe Lincoln bills. That pudding in some of the hospital cafeterias is bomb enough to barter.

Hopefully, she learned her lesson. As for the man, he came out on top on this one – lucky guy. (Pun intended)

Full video footage:

Again, those Pringles chips are amazing! I think I’d want them back too if the performance was lackluster at best. I have high standards too.

Look, if you want to “get some” that bad, then just join one of the hookup sites that exist today. You can save yourself the aggravation of dealing with this nonsense.

Update: My sources tell me that she was able to retain the Pringles. This is a HUGE win for her and I’m excited that she enjoyed those. Hopefully, they were the pizza flavored or traditional chips!

Source: https://www.local10.com/news/florida/florida-woman-shot-after-performing-sex-act-for-5-pringles-police-say


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