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Winter Haven Florida Nets 154 in Disturbing Prostitution Bust

Florida is a sunny place for shady people. I know, I spend most of my time here.  By now we all know about the Robert Kraft prostitution bust that went on in Jupiter, Florida, and while that story continues to develop and be punted down the line by his high priced legal team, fortunately for him there are other busts going on in the Sunshine State.  Today’s story was something that happened about a week ago that I just came across, and it’s one of the most disturbing prostitution busts I’ve read about due to the ages of the people involved.

154 Arrested in Polk County Prostitution Sting

That’s not a typo.  154 people broken down into the following reported numbers:

  • 69 are suspected prostitutes
  • 75 are suspected sex solicitors
  • 8 were arrested on related charges, which can be stuff ranging from “deriving proceeds” to “traveling to meet a minor for sex (allegedly).”

Yikes.  That sounds like an organized GANG of deviants.  While I’m a deviant, I do it legally.  I’m a hook up guru (unlike this chump).

This operation (the sting) was set up to help find and assist any potential victims of human trafficking, according to information I read on this report.   Over a six day period the agency gathered all of the information leading to the subsequent busts.  The police departments that led the sting included Lakeland, Haines City, and Winter Haven. Tip of the cap to all you find individuals who helped out with this bust.

The Most Disturbing Part of the Story:  two of the people who were arrested traveled to have sex with someone who was believed to be 14 years old (a boy.)  

That shit just doesn’t sit well with me.

Operation “No Spring Fling”

Polk County Sex Sting
Operation “No Spring Fling.”
Photo Credit: Walton Sun.

That was the title of this bust.  Don’t confuse it with this legit dating site Fling.com.  (Which I use to get laid and have casual encounters in an entirely legal way.)

Additional details of the story continue to be very disturbing:

  • Two women are human trafficking victims
  • A 17 year old boy (who was not charged) is considered to be a victim of human trafficking as well
  • 46 Felonies were issued
  • 202 misdemeanors were issued

Out of the 154 suspects in this situation, they had a total of 567 prior felonies and 695 prior misdemeanor charges in their criminal backgrounds.  We are talking about a bad group of people here who clearly have a checkered past, and a thirst for sex with anyone who will give it to them.

With age ranges from 17-69 (not inclusive of the 14 year old mentioned above) this is a huge net of people.

“The primary goal in operations like this is to find victims of human trafficking who are being manipulated into prostitution. Prostitution is also a public safety issue involving the spread of diseases, the use of and dealing in illegal drugs, and other criminal activity that is associated with prostitution,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “It should be well-known by now that Polk County is not a good place to be involved with prostitution, thanks to operations such as this.”

With all of the legal spots to find a prostitute, there is no reason for this.

Find sex in Costa Rica, heck, go to Habano’s cigar shop in Panama or a strip club in Nicaragua, or if that’s not in the budget, find women online with a solid hook up application.  They are out there, and I’ve done all the homework for you.  Don’t be an idiot and partake in this deviancy.  I’m not against prostitution, for the record, I just choose to do it in legal jurisdictions for many reasons. And I’m VERY against human trafficking.  To me, that’s taking away someone’s freedom, and I don’t care how rough life was wherever they were before, it’s just not right to force anyone into a situation like that.  It’s gross, inhumane, and unfair.

End of rant.  I’ll be back with most busts, dating app reviews, and sex talk, very soon.  



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