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Signs Your Sex Date Wants To Bang Tonight

Having trouble determining whether or not you sex date wants to bang you? There’s a good chance that you’re putting too much thought into this but in the event that you’re really worried whether or not the person you’ve arranged to meet is looking to bone then I suggest you pay attention to the following signs.

sex date

Signs To Look For From Your Hookup Partner

They Follow Through

Did your sex date actually follow through and show up? Awesome! Then that’s a great start and in the direction you’re trying to head so check that one off. If someone is following through and you’ve setup a sex date with them using your favorite dating app then you’re likely to be in the right place if they actually show up. It’s a pretty good sign.

They Meet You Alone

It sounds strange, but they don’t always show up alone. Sometimes when you’re arranging a casual sex date or something of that nature, it’s socially acceptable to bring or show up with a friend. If your date meets you alone then there’s a better chance of you having sex with them.

They Meet On A Saturday

The weekends are often reserved for those that have a special place in your heart or pants. That said, if you’re meeting up with a horny sex date on a Friday or Saturday night, then there’s a solid chance that they really want to bang you. It’s not rocket science, just someone that wants to be banged and is extra hungry to “get some.”

They Are In The Now

If your date spends time focusing on now rather than the past or the future then you’re in luck because you’ve got their attention! That surely increases the chances of them wanting to hook up with you.

They Make Horny Comments

Who makes horny comments and doesn’t want to fuck? Exactly! No one! So if your date is making comments that make you think they are horny and want to get some then there’s a good chance that they actually do want to get some.

They Say They’re Glad or Happy

“Don’t worry, be happy” is the saying that we’ve heard over and over. There’s a good chance that if a date mentions that they are happy or glad they met up with you then that’s a plus for you because your banging chances just increased a little bit more!

Well, if you have any other questions about this post then please feel free to reach out to me about it. I’m really hoping you don’t have any questions and you just end up getting laid instead. That’s what happens to me when I use the mobile fling website or app!


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