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Where to Have Sex in Public and Not Get Caught

Some people are just not satisfied with missionary sex in the bedroom, on the bed with the lights off like everyone else. When using a sex dating app like MeetLocals you have to be open minded and thinking spontaneously sometimes, That means having sex in public! That being said, some people like to spice it up a little bit when it comes to hooking up or having a fling. The reasons for wanting the extra spice varies, but many of us enjoy a little of the risqué or taboo mixed into our sex lives. One of the most popular of these taboo practices is having sex in public. This has been a favorite way for kinky couples to get themselves off for years. You have never heard of the most epic ones because those people don’t get caught.

Here are a few places you might want to try if you want to have sex in public without getting caught. No matter where you go; make sure you can pull your penis out easily and your partner wears something that is “easy access”.

Sex on the Beach

This one is easy. Go to a spot on the beach that is far enough away from others that they can’t tell what you’re doing and lay out a blanket. Either of you can be on top. Try to remain playful rather than passionate so people can’t tell you are inside her.

Bus Bench Sex

Wait for the bus to run and wave it by. Have her sit in your lap. Slide inside of her. A good method to use here is to hug her and put your head on her back. This will make it look like you’re just being affectionate while you work your penis around inside of her.

Having Sex in a Library

Go to the biggest library you can find with the least cameras. Duck into a low traffic section of books and try to stay tucked into a corner. Have her lift the leg opposite of where people might walk by and enter her. If someone comes by, act like you’re hugging her.

Movie Theater Fucking

Try to be the first in the theater. Duck into the stairwell near the front exits by the screen. If there is no cover; try to duck behind the screen. See an action film so you can thrust inside her really deep during the loud parts.

Fuck at the Park

The key is to make it look like you’re just making out. This can be done on a blanket with bags, picnic baskets and such around you or against a tree on the side of the park that you can duck behind.

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