I started using sex dating apps a few years ago when I was getting nowhere with the match making sites that promised love, marriage, and happiness. I wasted money on buying women expensive dinners and fancy cocktails, for what ended up sometimes being a very expensive hook up, and during worse times, a complete failure. My desire for meeting women on sex apps with the purpose of hooking up has led me to some incredible stories. I'll never go back to dating women that aren't sexually charged, and this sexdating blog is where I burn the midnight oil and share all of the dirty secrets, sultry details, and even a few humble brags.

To provide a little more insight into things, here are a few important points I need let you in on about my site and the topics I cover here on SexDatingApps.com:

All my posts are 100% original, my thoughts written by me, just for you. This means, you're getting the truth and nothing more or less. I cover my personal experiences and not some random fluff that most of the other dating sites out there share.

I've been exploring dating apps and sites for more than a decade. Chances are, you will not find another guy out there with more experience exploring hookup apps and dating websites. If you do, let me know because I've yet to find any comparable.

I register as a user (both premium and non-premium) to use what I write about. This means you're getting a full in-depth look into each and every dating app that I cover here. Additionally, I use any other related products that I talk about too.

I tell you if it's a good or bad experience within seconds of reading. I'm not here to waste your time. Instead, I give you the answer to your dating questions immediately. I also provide you with the best alternatives if I think the site or app is no good.

You can learn more about me and my site by checking out the about page. Consider me an open book here willing to share everything I know.