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College Dating and The Struggle Today

Dating during your college years can be a real struggle. It was even harder without all those dating apps that exist today. Is it really that much of a struggle or are students just pickier today than they’ve ever been? Would the college dating scene be as productive

college dating

Apps Run College Dating on Campus

College dating today is not as difficult as it may seem to be now that all those students have access to thousands of potential hook ups in the palm of their hands. It’s often looked at as somewhat of a struggle from the students point of view. However, I’m hear to tell a different story. According to an article published in Grand Valley Lanthorn,  a lot of people are using apps like Tinder and they may be missing out on meeting someone that’s not on the app due to their level of focus.

It seems like they may be spending more time swiping versus actually getting out there and setting up a study date, which in turn may lead to a Netflix and chill type of evening. I’m here to tell you that online dating apps have helped progress the hook up opportunities for millions of college students and they’ve likely made more connections and got college students laid across America tenfold! Now, the real question is have these apps dissuaded individuals from having real conversations with other students?

To that question, I have to respond with a simple, “who gives a shit!” When I was in college, I didn’t care how I was going to connect with someone, just that it was going to happen, period. The fact that all these awesome online dating sites and apps exists is awesome! Now it’s possible for even the most introverted college student to connect with others and actually get laid. To that, I have to tip my cap to all the creators making the dating world a better place. Thanks so much! I line up more sex dating opportunities using Fling mobile and my other go to apps than I ever have without them and if you’re still in college then I’d suggest you join as many networks as possible to increase your chances of scoring. After all, isn’t college about getting high scores in everything and having a blast? Just do it then and thank me later!


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