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Bumble App Officially Bans All Photos Featuring Guns

What’s been going on in our country lately is an absolute shame. Schools are getting shot up, violence on the streets (especially where I live) and lots more. Well, one dating company has officially decided to take a stance on these issues. They’ve done away with their association with guns, period. Bumble has decided to do away with any photos which feature guns.

What they’ve done is banned all guns and photos containing them in an attempt to make it a more safe environment.

How are they doing this? Well, the Bumble company has officially started monitoring both new and old photos which exist on the platform. They’ve taken things one step further and have made it easier for users to report people posting images of guns on their social dating profile.

Bumble App bans all guns

There’s a catch though, the site has not necessarily banned users who are wearing official military or law enforcement uniforms. The founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe recently spoke with the New York Times and confirmed that the buck doesn’t stop there. The same type of policy will apply to knives.

Here are my thoughts on all of this. In a simple three word sentence, I can say, “Good for them.” Truth be told, guns and knives have no business being associated with dating networks of any type. I don’t care if you’re using an aff.com style dating site or the traditional Tinder app, there’s no reason for guns and knives to be associated with hooking up.

People’s online behavior is often a forecast of what’s to come in the real world. If someone is posting pictures of them harming themselves, others, or with the basic insinuation that they’d like to, then this is most likely to occur in the future.

What I like about dating platforms is that they can go ahead and agree or disagree with anything they’d like. Additionally, they can make up any policy that they feel is unique and in the best interest of the network members. If you can’t find another photo other than the one that shows you sporting your gun or knives, then I guess you’re not as much of a badass as I thought.

Safety matter, logic, and well-being are super important as well. If companies aren’t doing everything in their power to keep things positive and violent free, then eventually they will end up driving away the female users and none of it will matter.

So, in this message I say, kudos to you and the rest of the folks at Bumble for at least putting your foot down and taking a stance on something you believe in.

Now, excuse me while I go send some dirty messages to a few Mixxxer app users, I’ve got another kind of gun that I want to show off.

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